Kitts with mitts


I really love the movie Grease! I’ve seen it at least thirty times and it has amazing oneliners that I keep dropping these everywhere I can. I think that my dream role to play would be Rizzo, but I doubt I will be able to do that so I just keep dropping oneliners and watch the movie every once in a while. I think it might be my favorite movie together with Fried Green Tomatoes, Center Stage, Amélie and Legally Blonde (another movie with great oneliners) and a few others. I even did a huge paper about the movie in junior high, back when the Internet was fairly new and I accidentally managed to print the entire paper in a pink font, which didn’t matter since it was about Grease and pink is my favorite color. I discovered the movie just in time for it’s 20th anniversary and that brought special interviews which turned out really great for my paper.


So why do I keep talking about Grease? Well, Vince Fontaine has a line at the dance (by the way, we’ve done Born to Hand Jive in dance class and it was super fun) where they are about to start the dance competition, that goes “Okay, cats, throw your mitts around your kitts and away we go” (actually it might be mittens and kittens but I’m not totally convinced) and I can’t stop myself from thinking of this about every time I start and finish a new pair of fingerless mitts. Which happens quite often.


This latest pair got finished this past weekend and I wore them today for Me-Made May. I wasn’t in love with them during the knitting but now they are pretty darn good. Still nice and snug and the buttons really are the cherry on top (I couldn’t decide which color on the buttons so I went with one of each). The coolest thing though, which I didn’t notice until I put on the finished mitt, is the pattern it creates, a diagonal pattern created with twisted stitches and purl stitches. It delights me to no end.


I had some leftover yarn and since I also have an amazing Agnieszka, I decided to make her a pair of wristwarmers from the same pattern. I love throwing knitwear at her (figuratively of course, even though I think literally might be fun too, come to think of it) and she can make pretty much anything work with an outfit (with some modifications, she mentioned today it was a long time since she last got a poncho and I said that she’s never gotten a poncho from me. “Well,” she said, “that green one”. “That one was to warm the shoulders”, I answered. “Okay, but what about the grey one,” she replied. Well, honey, that one was actually a skirt…).


I used the same pattern but finished it when it was time to start the gusset. I think it turned out very well. As a side project this was great but I am ready to move on now. I think.


Skógar Mitts by Christelle Nihoul in Malabrigo Sock, colo Azules. Mods: Knit on needle 2,5 mm. Added a few sts to the thumb gusset till I had 23 which also meant making another pattern repeat while continuing on the gusset. Once I had 23 sts I just kept knitting those 23 sts till I had finished the second pattern repeat (of the thumb gusset). When I put the thumb sts on hold I cast on three sts where it had been and on the second row of the next pattern repeat I decreased those three sts (one decraese on each side of the middle one of the three CO sts) till I had only one stitch and could continue the pattern as if nothing had happened. When I made the thumb I knit 12 ridges instead of three to make the thumb a tittle longer. I also made one extra ridge of the upper garter stitch part of the hand.