No bang


I had high hopes to go out with a bang. I was splurging with lovely shawls, one more elegant the the other. I had finished my May shawl and I was going to wear it today, the last day of May. I was, as I said, going out with a bang for Me Made May ’16. But no. I caught a cold this weekend and here I am, not showing off my new shawl but propped up on the couch, drinking tea and feeling a bit sorry for myself. It’s been a beautiful day outside but I’m confined to the couch. I’m really okay, I just need a bit of rest to get rid of it. The point is that my new shawl has to wait and instead I’ve put on a pair of old socks that no longer has any heels. They are still pretty though, as long as you don’t look too closely, and they fill their purpose. Now we’re going to rest, my socks and me.

I can’t believe I can still be this silly


As you know, I knit. I knit a lot and I knit everywhere. What you might not know is that I think a lot about what is appropriate or not. I realize that not everyone understands that me knitting is a constant, it’s not a sign that I’m bored or that I don’t care but I worry people don’t see it that way. Sometimes it definitely isn’t appropriate to knit but it’s usually fine in more situations than one might think.

Yesterday I was at a conference, a conference for bloggers. Although I myself am a blogger I felt self-conscious. My blog is not about fashion or a hip life style or makeup or hairstyles or food or something equally cool. I find my blog amazing, I love it, but I know that not everyone understands the wonders of knitting. I know some people find it dorky and not cool at all. Before the conference I wondered if it would be appropriate to knit and what others, the cool blogging people, would think if me. Then it hit me (and I’m a little embarassed it took me this long to get it, I will never be this self-conscious again), of course I could knit at a blogging conference. It’s probably the best place for a knitter like me. Why, you ask. Well…


I run a KNITTING blog, for crying out loud! (I knit through the entire conference, it seemed I was the only knitter there and it was obvious to anyone what my blog was about. No one looked down at me and some people even came up and talked to me because of the knitting (which I should have known, I’ve never seen a better icebreaker than knitting). I will never doubt the knitting again and I’ve made amence today by blocking no less than two shawls.)

The answer was right in front of me


I picked Vacillate. In hindsight it was the obvious answer. I already had a ( well, actually two but you know, one at a time) kit and all I had to do was wind it and decide on the color order (and, surprisingly, move around some projects to free up a pair of 4,5 mm needles, apparently I only have two pairs) and then I was good to go. It wasn’t as good a project for a conference as Pirate’s Cove but that’s hard to beat, with it being mainly garter stitch and all, and I couldn’t look up as much as I might have wanted but other than that Vacillate met all my criterias, thank goodness. Now, after the conference, I’ll just keep on knitting.

Under pressure


I have a problem finding out what to knit. How is this possible, you ask. Wasn’t she the one worrying, no less than five days ago, about not being able to finish a shawl before the end of May? Well, that is correct. But things have changed a bit. Or rather, I have knit too much (although there is no such thing). I finished the lilac shawl on Monday and I immeadiately cast on a new shawl, this time for me. I took every opportunity to knit on it, coffee breaks, in between scenes at theatre rehearsal, board meetings and such. I spent the evenings knitting on my MKAL but since this has been a week where I’ve been more out and about than at home, the new shawl has made much more progress than the MKAL.

The thing is that the shawl is about 28 ridges from being done and it’s cotton and it’s huge. And heavy! And I have just realized that I will have about ten hours of knitting time tomorrow. Ten hours when I can make a lot of progress but when I’m not in any proximity at all to my stash. This means I need enough yarn with me to last me those ten hours. And the shawl is a maximum three hours away from being done. Add weaving in the ends and it’s an extra half hour (if I’m slacking). That means six and a half hours left. Not to mention a very heavy almost-finished-ready-to-block shawl that I will have to carry around. That is not an optimal situation. The MKAL is too complicated to bring and it has beads so that one is confined to the corner of the couch.

So, what am I going to do? Shall I bring the shawl anyway and when it’s finished I’ll cast on a pair of socks or something else that is equally small? Shall I bring a totally new project? What project should that be? I have many shawls in pipeline but will any of them be good for this? And, I can’t just pick something for tomorrow, it needs to be something that I will like and continue on even after tomorrow. It also needs to be something that is okay to bring, no beads, no complicated lace, preferably a pattern I already know so there are no unwelcome surprises (such as “put stitches on stitchs holder or contrasting yarn” and you have neither with you, or “change to bigger needles” when all you have is a needle size 2,5 mm) and so that I don’t have to look at the pattern all the time, but it can’t be so familiar it’s boring either. There are a lot of pressure on a project like this and I will spend the evening figuring it out. I’ll let you know.

We’re not really friends yet


I’m working real hard to finish the MKAL. I’m not particularly fond of it and I just want it to be done. I have 20 rows left but they are quite long and then there are the beads. I regret my color choices and I think it would have looked better if I had picked a darker blue for a higher contrast. But here we are and I just want to have it done and blocked so that I can see for myself wether this is a new antimacassar or actually something useful. Ok, back to the beads now.

I had a very warm bike ride


Today we get a bonus garment for Me Made May. It’s been so cold today that when I went out for the evening I just had to put on a hat so technically I’ve worn two items today. I really only count the first one since I wore that all the day. So, this we should consider as a bonus knit.

Another story about picking the right yarn


This past weekend was truly a weekend of parties. On Sunday we went to a birthday party because a young friend of mine turned one. I find this vest adorable and very distinguished and therefore I decided to make one as a birthday gift.



The last time I made Junior I used a yarn that had a little bit of a halo and even though it turned out nice, the stitches weren’t all that well defined. This time I used the same yarn the pattern stated, which is not as heavy and the other one, and I don’t know if the pattern is more visible but the garment as a whole feels more sturdy.


My favorite part is still the pockets. One of them turned out better and more straight than the other but this vest is home made after all and the pockets are too shallow to hold anything anyway. They do add a little something extra to garment as a whole.


I couldn’t decide on the buttons so I picked both owls and sheep and alternated. I think they look quite cute.


Pattern: B21-8 Junior from Garnstudio. Yarn: Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio, color 43 light sea green.

A story about picking the right yarn


This past weekend a friend Elin defended her thesis. I was of course giving her a gift and what better gift than something knitted? I made a pair of wristwarmers which was pretty much all I had time for but I luckily I could whip them up in just a few days. I’ve made these before and I know it’s important to find the right yarn. I was worried this would have too much of a halo but I think it turned out okay. It was the yarn I could find in the stash in such short notice. I think they turned out very well and I hope Elin think so too.


Pattern: Gerda Hildur by Birgitta Adolfsson. Yarn: Drops Baby Alpaca Silk from Garnstudio, color 7820 green. Mods: I made two extra pattern repeats for a total of 14.

But what about the shawl?


Today I wore my White Queen Stole for Me Made May. We were at an outdoor birthday party and it was sunny and sometimes a tad hot with a woolen shawl. I had planned this month so that I could wear the more fancy shawls to parties, of which I’m greatful. It made things easier, not to have to pick a random pair of mismatched wristwarmers when you are heading out in a fancy dress.


In my pledge I also stated that I will make myself a shawl in May. Then I got three tight knitting deadlines and now here I am with a week left of May and no shawl. I’m trying to finish the last clues of the current MKAL but that one started in April so I’m not sure it counts. Maybe another cotton shawl would be an idea. I’ve looked through my colors and I think a blue one might be something. Now I just have to knit too…

Keeping track

It’s getting harder to keep track of what I’m wearing for Me Made May but I actaully have it all covered. I thought I might have lost May 11 but it was noted in the blog post of May 12, luckily. Since I haven’t reported on my wearings since then, here is an update of the past week.


May 13 I wore my June Afternoon, the cowl I’ve designed myself.

May 14 I had an exam and was worried it might be cold in the big hall where we all wrote exams so I put on my Rococo shawl. It was nice and cozy with that on (and I did very well on the exam as well).

May 15 I’m pretty sure I wore my Windward, it seems plausible. I spent most of the day on my couch but went to the gym later in the evening and wore the Windward.

May 16 was my chic lit jacket day, as I’ve already reported on.

May 17 I dug out my Sonar.


My 18 I found my Kofta med fläta på tvären that I knit sometime in 2008. The picture is taken late at night, that’s why it’s so blurry. I’ll try to wear this one more, it’s very pretty and the wristwarmers from last week were made to match this cardigan with a grey dress.


Inspired by the blue cardigan, I put on my Rosa dröm on May 19. It’s a tricky sweater to wear because it’s hard to find something to wear underneath.


Last night, May 20, I was at a party and me and my Current, well, we didn’t dance all night but we sure had a great time together. Also, my hair looks awesome!


Today, May 21, has been a day of logistics and I dressed thereafter. Nothing fancy (which I later regretted when I realized I was invited to a lovely afternoon tea and I felt decidedly underdressed), just a grey top and a pink scarf. I put on a pair of pink wristwarmers to match the scarf (and I realized again that I need a pair of pink fingerless mitts as well). These are my princess cuffs though, with my monogram on them. Or at least the monogram that a friend draw for me about ten years ago. I converted the drawing into a beaded picture and put it on the cuff. They are quite pretty but I guess I might be the only one who can actually see the monogram. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter if no one else can.