The game is on


I’ve been knitting all day to finish up some almost finished projects, weaving in ends and sew on buttons, all to be able to fully commit to my little cowl. I now realize I have completely missed last of April and that May is only one hour away and I haven’t even listened to any spring choir music (I do that in the spring). Well, there is always tomorrow. I have also realized it is really difficult but quite fun to write patterns. The swatch was one thing but the real thing is harder but also more fun. It’s not easy to fully comprehend how your design will look while on the graph paper so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope all my stitches work out well in knitting as well as on paper. The yarn is great and the color perfect for my idea of the forest. I just wonder what I will call my pattern once it’s finished but I guess we can worry about that later.

Initiate Knit Design: Day 5


Today is the last of the Initiate Knit Design challenge and that means pattern writing day. I have started my pattern writing but I need to actually knit up the piece before finishing the pattern. The tree line horizon is still a bit rough around the edges and I need to fiddle with that a bit but other than that I think it might work out. Writing a pattern is hard though. I’m so familiar with all the phrases but then when I’m supposed to write it myself it’s so difficult all of a sudden. I figured I was too tired to get anything important going so I’m taking the rest of the night off and making a fresh start tomorrow instead. The challenge has been great, but demanding, and I’m looking forward to see what I will take with me from this experience after the dust has settled. It would be fun to continue designing but I should really finish this one before I start planning something bigger.

Initiate Knit Design: Day #4


Today’s assignment in the Initiate Knit Design challenge is calculation. Since I use the metric system it’s not very hard to switch from a decimeter to a centimeter, you just add a comma since you divide by ten, instead of inches, where you have to divide by four. On the other hand it’s more difficult for me to understand the instructions, the numbers mean nothing to me, since they were in inches, so I guess it evens out. I was lucky with my calculations since all my stitch patterns were worked over six stitches (with a 2+1 stitch ribbing) so it was pretty easy to make it come together. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself, I guess the tree line lace might be difficult. By the way, no one seems to understand that it’s a tree line, people have suggested mountain tops and forest creeks but I stand by the tree line.) I wonder if tomorrow, the last day of the challenge, will send us off by actually casting on the real project. How exciting!

Lost in the woods


Because I’m currently a little obsessed with this I couldn’t resist showing my swatch in a better light. It really looks like a forest and since it took me almost four hours to create this I think it’s worth looking at again. The question is, does one really want to walk around looking like an actual forest? If I ever design again I will think more “garment” and less “theme”. I’m particulary happy with the stitch pattern at the bottom, it looks like fir trees! Especially from this angle. Perhaps I need to divide the swatch into three different patterns in the end but that’s a question for another day. For now, let’s just be happy about this and forget everything else.

Initiate Knit Design: Day #3


Today is swatch day in the Initiate Knit Design challenge. It took forever to swatch but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were easy. I picked a very green yarn, something that looked very much like the Swedish forest, perfect for this project. I also only had one skein and I figured I would never use it for something else. It’s very pretty though.


While I was swearing sweating over my swatch, the afternoon went from light into dark and late in the evening and that’s why the picture is so awful. That little detail that I mentioned yesterday that I hadn’t figured out yet, well, it took me forever but it’s figured out now. You can’t really see it but it’s down there at the bottom, little fir trees. Then there is a subtle stitch pattern which is barely visible but I think it works pretty well with the color. Then we have the diagonal lace pattern, the tree line in the horizon. It might be too much in one knitting, I might have gone a little overboard with the symbolism, but I’ll stick to it for now. At least I’m very happy with my swatch, things worked out in the end, of which I’m glad.

Initiate Knit Design: Day #2


From a very green and colorful post we move on to a more gray one. Today in the Initiate Knit Design challenge we are moving on to sketching. We are to look at our moodboards and draw inspiration from that. We are making a cowl because it doesn’t involve increasing or decreasing. We are also to decide on stitch patterns and such. I have most of it figured out except one small detail. It’s not a big thing so if I can’t figure it out it’s not a big deal. I will look through my stitch dictionary later and see if I can find something. that works.


I’m quite inspired by this image. I think a lot of pictures of the Swedish forest looks like this, with a sloping line of fir trees and I wanted that to be part of my cowl and that’s de line dividing the two halves (it could also be a creek if you prefer that). One half is then the sky, that’s the plain half, and the other is the forest itself with all the things one can find in a Swedish forest. Since I didn’t want the cowl to be too busy I’ll use a simple pattern of knit and purl to symbolize the cloudberries, lingonberries, blueberries, flowers, moulded tree trunks, moss and everything that lies on the ground in the woods. I hope my pattern will work out and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Happy knitting!

Initiate Knit Design: Day #1


I’ve entered a five day challenge called Initiate Knit Design by Francoise Danoy, to help me get started on designing my own patterns. I’m not sure I want to actually design myself but I do love a knitting challenge. Today our first step was to find a theme and create a moodboard. The most difficult part was to actually create a collage of my moodboard but thankfully Julle was able to assist. I picked the theme forest and immeadiately saw a Swedish forest before me. I looked through the Internet for inspiration but realized I had just as good pictures myself, plus that made the moodboard more personal. All of these pictures are taken in Härjedalen except one (I photographed the anemones this afternoon) which could actually also make this a postcard for the area. Some of you might recognize the bench under the fir tree. I’m quite excited about the next step but for tonight I’m going to rejoice in the wonders of nature.

My baby


I finally got around to block my baby. I need to remember how much easier it is to block a triangular shawl instead of a crescent shaped one. I should make more triangular shawls. Actually, I should make more shawls. One can never have enough shawls. I will enjoy this one a lot, I can feel it. And, I managed to block it to measurements despite not getting gauge. Awesome!

Lilac knitting


Look! That tiny little bud will be a big lovely lilac in a few weeks. I’m really looking forward to that but it’s fine if it doesn’t happen too soon, I don’t have time to watch right not.


I think the lilac bud is very alike my knitting right now. The color is growing on me and feels very suitable to the season now that I’ve compared it to the lilac. I’ll knit on.

Too much green in the purple?


So, remember that spring coat I was talking about? Well, at first I thought it would be beige since that’s what most spring coats in the stores are right now but once it was clear I wouldn’t be buying a spring coat but instead my darling mum was making me one, it was also very obvious that I am not a beige person and all of the beige plans flew out the window. That and also due to the fact that I had limited time yesterday to cast on something new before the meeting where I was supposed to knit on that something new and and the beige plan yarn skeins were too big for my swift and I didn’t have the time nor the energy to wind by hand or to convince Julle find someone to hold the skein for me while I wound it. Beige plans definitely out the window. For now at least.


Enter purple plans. My purple plans aren’t perfect. First of all, I’m making a cowl and it looks like the coat will have a v-neck. It’s hard to swing a cowl, they are by definition round, into a v. Second, I’m not sure about the color. I love the pattern and I love the yarn but the color. The green might look a little mouldy but it’s impossible to say before I’ve knit some more. Which I will. Even if I don’t like it in the end I bet there is someone else who will. And the yarn in itself, beside the color, and the pattern are so nice and relaxed so I will gladly continue on.