A little rotation is of need


I told you earlier about how I was in need of emergency knitting, yarn and a pattern that where quick and easy and that I could make to stock up on knitted gifts. Well, so I have except that it also made me give away much more knitting that I usually do. This means that out of fours pairs of simple wristwarmers, I have given away three so far and the fourth pair already has a designed receiver. These four pairs, all of them finished in March (for a total of 11 finished projects in March – 11!) were everything I could have hoped for, quick, easy and fun and great as a small gift to someone.


A problem has now appeared though. I’m in need of a small project because my new shawl is a little too complicated to bring with me and there are no new babies in sight, I have already made birthday gifts and I don’t want this new project to take over too much, the shawl is still the main Project and I have plenty more shawls to knit when that’s done. A new MKAL starts tomorrow and I just want something quick and easy to make. That’s where these wristwarmers should come in the picture but after making six pairs in three months – I’m done with them for now. I want something new.


Don’t get me wrong, I still like the pattern and the ones I’ve already made a lot but I need something new. I need to be a little challenged. Not too much, they are still supposed to be quick and easy, but they also need to be something else. And I can’t really see the harm in having rotating go-to patterns for when I stock up on gifts. So off I go in search for something new but I will be back, this pattern is too good to give up on for good.


Pattern: Winter wrist warmers by Kim Sanborns. Yarn: Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, colors 48 wine red, 30 light denim blue, 74 lavender and 13 cerise.