Bubblegum shawl


My shawl is finished and it’s lovely! The yarn is beautiful and perfect for spring and the pattern is elegant. It’s supposed to be in garter stitch but I liked the colors better in stockinette even though that makes it curl a bit in the edges. I guess I have to reblock it every once in a while.


It turned out bigger than I had expected and I only had eight metres of yarn left, that’s only two grams. Perfect use of an entire skein of fingering weight yarn. I was worried the yarn would be too busy for the pattern but it turned out very well.


The pattern kept being interesting all the time and was surprisingly quick. I kept on knitting and had it finished just before midnight on Saturday. I blocked it in the morning and I could wear it to Easter lunch yesterday. I felt very pretty and since spring is still in that boring state of sunny days but absolutely no greenery, it’s nice to cheer up the environment with some bubblegum colors.


One feels a little out of place wearing lots of colors in March but nothing in this shawl will feel out of the place come June. In fact, it might be the perfect camouflage given the right flower field.


I think I will try to brighten up the office this week, people might not be used to this much color so it’s good to help them prepare for brigther times. Or, rather, it’s just because I think it’s pretty.


Pattern: Antarktis by Janina Kallio. Yarn from Viola Schavon. Mods: knit in stockinette stitch instead of garter stitch.