Colorful Easter


Easter break is here! I celebrated by wearing yellow feathers in my hair to work and my only yellow shawl. It felt very suitable. I also helped a friend understand her knitting pattern and discussed knitting and crochet with my hairdresser and basically, the day has been about knitting. Except for workout, there was no knitting there unless you count the wristwarmers I’m making for my Sh’bam trainer. I didn’t knit during class though, dancing is one activity that I have so far failed to combine with knitting. Biking in another one (unless you mean an indoor trainer bike). I have also decided on a knitting plan for this Easter, I need some structure, otherwise nothing will get done. First of all, the weekend will be all about colors. I mean, just look at the shawl above (I frogged the first attempt because I didn’t like it in garter stitch and did a new version in stockinette stitch). I will make an effort to finish this but first I will catch up on the year long MKAL that has a new clue released the first of every month. I haven’t started on the clue for March yet so it’s about time. Second I will try to sew buttons to the purple and the sweater once they are blocked, it’s incredible how long it takes for cotton to dry. So, buttons, MKAL, colorful shawl and then, if I have time, a pair of wristwarmers (for me this time) and after that I will pick up a UFO again. That’s my plan, it’s all about colors and I think it will be great. I hope that by Monday evening I have a little pile of finished things and some on blocking while I knit away on my UFO. It should be possible.