Spring ball


I had some time to kill before my workout today and I went to the yarn store. I looked around and in one far corner I saw this. It’s the perfect spring color. It’s pink! And a little green for S:t Patrick’s Day (Agnieszka also lend me a shawl to wear in case anyone at the Irish bar would be offendedt hat I wasn’t sporting green. I knit the shawl in 2010, it was my first meeting with Malabrigo Lace. I didn’t understand the wonders of Malabrigo till 2012 though. I was a little slow there). It said on the label that it was a limited edition so obviously I had to buy both of the balls I saw because, you know, there might not be any other yarn ever that I like. Now, what to make? It would be good for socks but a shawl might not be so bad either. I have lots of shawls. One can never have enough shawls. Especially if they are knit in such a delicious yarn as this.