And we move on to 2015

Before we can leave this historic flashback I will show you the projects I made in 2015, first the gifts and then the ones for me. Since I made my huge white lace I couldn’t get much else done in 2015 but due to small projects I still managed a respectable number.

Amount of projects finished: 45 – due to many wristwarmers and other accessories. I would never have come up with these many projects otherwise, considering I only finished two things (for me) during the period February – April.
Amount of knitted gifts: 31
Most used needle size (gifts): 4 mm without a doubt, 12 projects used 4 mm needles.
Biggest needles used: 7 mm, for slippers
Smallest needles used: 2,5 mm, mostly for socks
Most common garment (gifts): Wristwarmers with 11 projects, followed by socks, 5 projects. It was truly the year of accessories.
Most used yarn weight: DK with 10 projects, which surprises me but on the other hand, I know I’ve been moving towards heavier yarn recently, followed by fingering with 8 projects. I also have 7 projects divided between worsted weight, aran, bulky and super bulky.
Most common recipient: Agnieszka, with 3 projects (mainly because I made both her birthday gifts for 2015 and 2016 in 2015), followed by my mum, Lyndsey, Genevieve and Terese on 2 projects each.
Amount of projects for me: a surprising 14, including a few crocheted flowers.


Agnieszka 19

First project in January was Agnieszka’s wristwarmers, made in one day using some leftover merino. I used part of the pattern Mock Cable Wrist Warmers by Anita Grahn in  Malabrigo sock, color Tiziano Red.


My own pattern that I’ve been thinking of actually writing up let others enjoy as well but so far I haven’t gotten around to it. I call it June Afternoon and the yarn is BFL fingering from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, color PDX Rose City.

February, March, April – nothing got finished. Nothing.


Tria baby

In May I made a pair of socks that Agnieszka wanted to give to a baby. Pattern is Dolce Socks by Sheryl Greenfield in Cascade Yarns Heritage, color Primavera.


I also finished the cardigan that I cast on in August 2014 and that was meant for a baby but it turned out too big so niece got it for her third birthday instead. Baby’s Classic Cardigan by Stefanie Japel in Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, colors Beige and Peach.

June – I was way too busy with my lace to be able to concentrate on anything else.



July was the month of slippers. Our American friends were staying in our apartment and I wanted to give them some slippers to wear, since in Sweden we don’t really wear our shoes Indoors (I guess it comes from having a lot of snow, floors get incredibly dirty if you bring in snow and gravel). So, I made slippers. 147-18 Sandra by Drops Design in Drops Big Delight from Garnstudio, color jeans blue/teal. This was also the first time I’ve ever felted anything (for real, and not by accident). I’m not sure how I feel about it though.


It looks weird, I know, but it turned out, well, if not great then at least acceptable. 161-37 Dolphin Toes from Drops Design in Drops Eskimo from Garnstudio, colors Rust and Dark Brown. After going in the washer, one were supposed to wear the slippers and let them form around one’s foot. So we all walked around in wet slippers for a few evenings to let them dry and form around our feet. It was quite bizarre.



All in all I made fours pairs of slippers. 147-18 Sandra by Drops Design in Drops Big Delight from Garnstudio, color Mint Chocolate.


161-37 Dolphin Toes by Drops Design in Drops Eskimo from Garnstudio, colors Green Yellow and Dark Brown. I’m not sure how pretty they are but they are at least warm.


In May Sara had her baby but I didn’t have time to knit for her until August. It turned out pretty though, if a little late. Silverfox by Lisa Chemery in Drops Muskat from Garnstudio, color Khaki.



From September on I got giddy with all the knitting ideas, to knit something that wasn’t white lace, can you imagine? So instead I knit blue lace to thank the lovely designer who made my wedding dress. It was pure beauty from start to finish. Aliseda by Susanna IC in Malabrigo sock, color Azules.


My friend Rachel came visiting and I wanted her to have a special souvenir to bring back to the States. Moonshine by Klara Norberg in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color Dark Purple.


Then I was invited to meet a baby and wanted to bring something. Dolce socks by Sheryl Greenfield in Smashing Sock from Stunning String Studio, color Summer Gardens.



In late September I heard that a childhood friend of mine had had a baby and since I’m pretty sure he is not knitting himself, I wanted to make something for the baby. Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car in Fin from Du Store Alpakka in color 205 Lys turkis.


Moonshine by Klara Norberg became one of my favorite patterns during fall. Knit in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color Navy Blue. This was the third project in a row that had to be a quick knit.


My co-worker Terese wanted two pairs of wristwarmers to keep warm and who am I to deny her? Both are Mixed Wave Mitts by Sybil R in Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio, colors turquoise, light beige and brown.


Another one who deserved the biggest thank for all her work with our wedding, was the event manager at the mansion. She was on maternity leave while we were planning everything and she still managed to always be there for us. I made her baby a cardigan. It was the least I could do. B21-11 Buttercup Jacket from Drops Design in Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio, color Dark Purple.


Agnieszka 20

The name of the yarn just screamed Agnieszka’s name and that’s what she got for Christmas, Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee in Shepherd Sock Multi from Lorna’s Laces, color Zombie BBQ.


Socks and owls were a theme in late fall, early Winter. These owls were for nephew. Wowligan by Kate Davies in Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio, color Brown.


And these owls were for niece. Owlet by Kate Davies in Alpaca Superfine from Viking of Norway in color 233 Verde


And these owls were for Lyndsey. Owls by Kate Davies in Ecological wool from Cascade Yarns  in color 8285 Mocha.

December – was really the month of accessories.


A pair of elegant wristwarmers for a friend who earned her PhD. Moonshine by Klara Norberg in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color Wine Red.


A capelet with a special dress in mind. The Galaxy Capelet by Cathy Briscoe in Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK in color 108.


Everybody got socks. These are for Julle. Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee in Austermann hand painted color Morning fog.

Sharelle 1

This was my go-to pattern of the year and my co-worker Sharelle was in need of some beads – at least in my opinion. Moonshine by Klara Norberg in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color Wine Red.


As I was saying. Many socks. These were for Julle’s father. Same pattern, Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee, this time in Zwerger Garn Opal Sweet & Spicy, color 6755 Spice.


Emma has a birthday really early in the year, even earlier than Agnieszka, and she also got a pair of Moonshine by Klara Norberg in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color Light Olive.


The yarn kit for the last MKAL of the year took forever too come and I had to settle for some other yarn and was almost done with the MKAL when I finally could cast on with the yarn kit yarn. I decided my mum would get it for Christmas since it was a fairly quick knit and I didn’t mind making two. Stranded in Toronto by Cindy Garland in Single DK from Stunning String Studio, colors Snow Cloud, Red Canoe and Little Black Dress.


Mum also got a pair of matching wristwarmers to go with her hat. Again (this was the last pair for a long time, I promise) Moonshine by Klara Norberg in Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color Medium Grey.


After six pairs I decided it was time for a new pattern and when Karin mentioned she was cold I took the opportunity to try out Winter Wrist Warmers by Kim Sanborn (my new go-to pattern when it comes to wristwarmers) in Cascade 220, color Purple.

Agnieszka 21

I was all about matching last December and the year’s last knit was, as the first knit of the year, a pair of wristwarmers for Agnieszka’s birthday. I had yarn left from her Christmas socks, Shepherd Sock Multi from Lorna’s Laces, color Zombie BBQ, and decided to make her a pair of matching cuffs. I used the leg pattern of the Business Casual by Tanis Lavallee.

Together with two Projects for myself in December I finished 12 things during that month. 12! That’s insane. It was all about the accessories.