I got my colors


In the light of the day, after a good night’s sleep, things don’t look so bad. I decided while I was having breakfast that I would take the time to wind yarn right there and then, and then I cast on my new project on my first coffee break at work. It was a good decision.┬áIt has colors which is the most important. I’m still thinking the yarn might be better suited for a pair of socks instead but a sock requires a mate and that would be tough since apparently I have problems making two thumbs right now, not to mention socks. Also, I mostly knit socks in October. There are a lot of new projects right now but the purple is finished and the thumbs are blocking and the beige will just have to wait. I should also make a pair of pink wristwarmers on a pressing deadline, and there is an MKAL coming up. But I don’t worry about that, I have a yarn ball with delicious colors and I will continue with that. For now at least.