It was only a matter of time


Ok, so maybe it wasn’t that smart to cast on something beige when everything outside is beige, brown and grey – that’s early March for you. I want some color and I know how to get it but it’s late and I don’t have time to wind yarn because for some reason it wasn’t enough to run out of yarn ten rows before the end of the second sleeve. No. Since I couldn’t get yarn in the same dye lot I had to alternate yarn balls for a few rows, which meant ripping out two rows to and then I overestimated how much I had left till it was time for the finish lace and I of course had to knit more than the 20 cm the pattern stated and then ripped out three rows only to discover that there was a knot in the yarn when I had about one and a half row left. This meant spending much more time on the last ten rows (I’m not even sure it was ten rows, perhaps with all the ripping and re-knitting) which means I don’t have time tonight to wind yarn and cast on my colors. Instead I’m stuck with the beige for all of tomorrow too.

This has not been my best knitting evening so far, I must say. But, I do have a finished purple cardigan waiting for a block and that’s at least something. I’m going to go to bed and I hope there is some sun tomorrow so my beige won’t feel as beige. It will become a pretty toddler sweater in the end though, of that I’m sure even though the colors are a little off for my mood right now.

I might start on some pink wristwarmers in the meantime.