A little lack of greenery


The flowers from the other day has gotten me all into greens. It’s time to start knit green. This is unfortunate since I have purple, beige and red in pipeline and an MKAL starting April 1st in white and blue. Instead I want light pink and green. I’m even wearing my green dress today, that’s how desperate I am. I think I will use this weekend to finish the purple and the thumbs (I should really stop putting that off and just be done with it) and start making something small in green before I move on to beige and red. That would be the responsible thing to do.


In the meantime we can admire my lace. It’s green. It’s making slow progress but at least it’s making progress. Over the past few months me and the lace have become better acquainted and we’re moving forward (even though yesterday I spotted a pair where there should be none so I’m not really sure what’s going on). It’s green for sure and I find it pretty if still somewhat difficult. Since it’s called Simple Gingerbread I think that the big things in the middle are supposed to resemble gingerbread but they could just as easily be flowers which are more suitable right now. I’m quite sure I’ve learned a lot making this and I think I will continue working on it this semester too and then next semester I’ll move on to something else.