Last days of winter?


People around me are telling me that spring is coming and due to yesterday’s snowdrops I’m bound to believe them (even though I try not to invest too much emotion in the weather, as long as I have my knitting I’m pretty pleased anyway) and just to be on the safe side I will show the last of my winter projects before it’s too late.


(Don’t worry, the mittens will come up here too but I sort of have to finish them first. Stupid thumbs.)


I’m amazed of how much colors can change something. (I should have known since colors mean a lot to me but that’s the greatness of colors, they never seized to impress.) I’ve made three Vacillates so far. The first one was for me, the second for Agnieszka and the third for my friend and co-worker Sara. Now, Agnieszka’s Vacillate has the same main color as mine, but different contrasting colors. It looks a bit like mine but still has a very different approach.


Now, Sara’s Vacillate has a different main color but the same contrasting colors as mine and the result is completely different. The two shawls are not remotely alike. Mine feels very much like fall (whereas Agnieszka’s has a more all-year-round feeling despite the similar main color) but Sara’s is a winter shawl that could also work for spring.


I find this very inspiring and even though I’ve made three of these shawls I’m not tired of the pattern. I have material for a fourth one for myself, which won’t be at all alike any other, but I will hang on to that a little while longer, despite the fun pattern there are other knits that want to be made and I can’t deny them that. I like it when knitting is my oyster and as soon as the mittens are done we’ll see some more magic, I think. But don’t worry. There will be a fourth Vacillate, I just don’t know when exactly.


Pattern: Vacillate by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Blue Mist, Red Fez, Green Tea, Golden Sunrise, Moroccan Blue, Dark Camel, Storm Cloud, Tangier Plum and Paprika.