Bye winter knitting, hello spring knitting!


It would appear that spring has sprung while I looked away. I have absolutely no idea how that happened or when that happened but I have seen snowdrops in the botanic garden. I was saying earlier today that by this time last year, spring was happening but that perhaps we’d have to wait a bit this year. I was wrong. Things have started and I missed it. Those mittens that I’ve been knitting seems a bit redundant now (I know, there will be winter again), and I only had the thumbs left! Stupid thumbs, always in the way. Why can’t grown-ups settle for mittens without thumbs, just like babies do? Oh well, I guess we do like to grab things. I will make thumbs and I will block and I will give the mittens away and then I won’t think about them anymore. There will be no more mitten knitting this side of November, of that I’m sure (sorry Agnieszka, you will have to wait). Now I’m looking into knitting cotton sweaters for niece and nephew to wear this summer. That feels much more appropriate considering the snowdrops above.