To fifteen years!


On March 4, 2001 I was at a theatre improvisation meeting. It was only my second meeting and I was a little nervous. From what I remember there were only me and one other girl there among all the boys, and we started talking and doing some impros together. After the meeting, most of us were going to a creative writing meeting and we stopped to get some food. The girl had a black top and a orange suede skirt and we spent dinner talking while the guys where doing something else. After dinner we had our creative writing meeting, I think that I had written a poem but I’m not sure, I wrote a lot that spring. By the end of the evening the girl called me sweetie and I was completely in love.


That girl was Agnieszka and tonight, 15 years later, we have spent our 15th anniversary walking down memory lane, talking about lovely women and travel and things to do in our future and how much our friendship means to each other.


Agnieszka has been my best friend for many years and even though she is not a knitter we still have knitting as a semi-common interest. I like to knit and she like to wear knitwear. I thought it would be fun to see how many things I’ve made for my darling girl since I started noting my projects on ravelry n August 2010.


Since then I’ve noted a total of 261 projects and 22 of them have been for Agnieszka. That’s not all I’ve ever made for her but it’s what I’ve noted on ravelry. 22 out of 261 is 8,4 %. (That can be compared to that about 20% of the knittings are for me.) Agnieszka has probably received the most knitwear from me which is just as it should be. I love knitting for Agnieszka.


The latest thing among the so far 22, is this shawl. The colors are inspired by Dégas’ dancers and we had a long discussion about colors, as we usually do, and what orders they should be in. I think the result turned out pretty good and I think Agnieszka thinks so too.


We’ll see what knitwear comes next on our path and I am looking forward to the next 15 years with my wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, lovely Agnieszka.


Pattern: Vacillate by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio in colors Coffee Beans, Paprika, Linen, Ocean Breeze, Caramel Latte, Blue Soapstone, Glacier, Fields of Grain and Peach Chiffon.