A Math lesson

So, today I was winding yarn and I found some pretty fun perspectives.


I had a huge skein of yarn that turned into a super huge yarn ball.


A yarn ball almost bigger than my little ball winder, I was afraid it wouldn’t fit on it but it did. Or rather, the ball was a lot bigger than the ball winder but it still held together.


And then it hit me. My skein is 470 yards. I have another skein that is also 470 yards. Weight does a lot as you can see, the brown one is 250 grams and the pink is 50 grams but the are both 470 yards. 470 yards but quite a difference in size.


Wounded the differences continues. Same lenght, different weight.


It’s quite fun, I think.

Friday Heels #5


Today’s shoes are a pair of blue pumps that I found in a for sales bin outside a shoe store one spring day a couple of years ago. They were cheap and and my size and I bought them immediately. Come to think of it, most of my pumps purchases are impulse buyings. I rarely say to myself “Let’s go out and buy a pair of pumps” but still pumps just jump into my closet. Actually, all of the shoes I’ve shown you so far are impulse buyings except the ones I found in a lost and found box. But these are exceptional since I didn’t even enter the store (well, obviously I did to pay for them but that was after I had found them because the bin was outside the store).


I’d call them easy. Easy in the sense that they aren’t super fancy but are still high heeled so still fancy in a non-fancy way, so to speak. A way to up the clothing a notch but in a very subtle way or a way to wear heels with a nice dress but still be comfortable – an easy way out. They are comfortable but are getting a little to big actually, so they are getting harder to walk in for that reason. Still, a very good run for a pair of shoes found in a sales bin.

One step forward, two steps back


I realize it’s been a while since I showed you some lace, some bobbin lace that is. If my last lace was long, this is instead wide. I have way too many bobbins for my pillow and it has all been a big mess.


The pattern is called Enkla pepparkakan (Single Gingerbread) but in Swedish the Word “enkla” has two meanings, it can mean both single (which is probably what the designer had in mind, single gingerbread as opposed to double gingerbread (I don’t know if there is a lace called Double Gingerbread though)) and simple which in this case feels a bit like mocking since this lace is everything but simple (which is probably why there isn’t a double gingerbread).


I really do think that the pattern is pretty, it has just been impossible to make and there is no good work description either. I must have undone every single step at least once and it has taken me many hours to get this far. I have been very tempted to just cut it off and throw everything away but I am not a quiter. That has been proven in this lace as well as the other day at pilates class when the substitute instructor made so mad I almost left the class  (we do not shame bodies! But that’s a different discussion) but I didn’t walk out, I finished the class and am thinking of writing the instructor a very eloquent e-mail instead. That’s a different story, the point is that I am not a quiter (unless it comes to books, I am a firm believer that life’s too short for bad books, but again I digress). wpid-dsc_7005.jpg

I have continued working the lace and slowly, slowly I’ve made progress. I have made almost one pattern repeat and not everything with it is ugly. It’s still early days so I won’t exhale just yet and it’s still not simple (and not very single either…?) but I might not throow it out just yet.


The finishing week


Lately I seem to be more obsessed with knitting than usual. I offer knitted things left and right and I buy tons of yarn. I have a huge number och planned knittings and I thought, I need to take a breath. I have some unfinished knittings as well. Knittings that I do indeed plan to finish but just haven’t gotten around to do so yet. So I decided to get a grip. This week is all about finishing. One finished object per night, and then I get to knit on whatever I want. Yesterday I was incredibly tired but I still managed to finish a wrist warmer short of the kitchener stitch bind off. I even wove in the ends. Now all I have to make is another one for the pair to be complete. Tonight I fnished the never ending purple cardigan. It turned out I had made the hood way too big so I had to frog several centimeters and bind off again. It took me all evening to finish but now it’s done. Way too much work for the result even though the finished cardigan is very, very pretty. I’ll try to snap some pictures this weekend, daylights is a quickly disappearing treat right now. Next projects on my agenda are the second wristwarmer and my almost finished ponchette.

All about the yarn


So, the crafts fair Saturday. It was amazing, just as amazing as last year, but this year I knew what to expect and I had a plan. It’s fun to watch all the different crafts and vendors even though you’re not particularly interested in what they sell. I went past the scrapbooking section and the quilt section and the beads. I didn’t even linger by the bobbin lace section. No, this year was all about the yarn.


Yarn in many colors.


And displays. I love meeting all the local producers and squeeze their yarn instead of just looking at them from a computer screen. There is so much delicious yarn in the world.


Yarn in hair…


and yarn already prepared for bodies (and souls perhaps?).


Last year I made a note to remember to rehydrate and have someone to keep watch of all the bags and purchases so this year I brought a water bottle and Julle. Julle almost immediately found a machine to operate, I think he thought it would be fun to have one himself. In a particularly delicious booth (the bundle of pink gradients and lovely orange/yellow sport weight below) I found Christine and we had lunch together and also went to some special booths of exceptionally intriguing yarn while Julle watched the bags and studied for a test.


I found what I was looking for and also some surprises. There are a lot of lovely projects in here, a lot of them socks. I have plans for some of these skeins but not all. Yet…

October is for socks


I’ve noticed a pattern. It seems that I have a tendency to knit socks in the fall. It happened last year and the year before that and now I’m at it again. I tried to knit socks last spring but never finished them but October and November last year I made at least three pairs of socks and the year before that also three pairs of socks. We’ll se how many I make this year, if any, but I’m almost at the heel on the second pair – the first pair was a mystery knit along that was a tad early for my sock knitting urge but nevertheless resulted in a pair of socks. I should really finish the ones I started last spring but one thing at a time, or rather, one sock at a time. There must be something about October that triggers the sock urge, without me even noticing it. It’s sneaking up on me and before I know it I have cast on a pair of socks. This color is lovely and the pattern is simple but complex enough to keep my interest. We’ll see when I’ve turned the heel, I’m also a quite eager sweater Knitter this year so we’ll se what I end up with, maybe this is all that will come of this sock but I hope I finish the pair. October is for socks and I bought at least three skeins of sock yarn at the fair yesterday to prove it.

No heels in sight


If yesterday was a day for heels, today was a day for comfortable shoes. I’ve been to the yarn and handcrafts fair and it was so, so lovely. I have a lot of yarn and even more new impressions with me back home. I found some new yarn brands and also a gradient yarn that I’ve been looking for for quite some time. In other words, a very lucky day.

Friday Heels #4


Yesterday really wasn’t my day. In the early morning I tripped on my way to a meeting and twisted my ankle. It felt okay during the day and I went for a work out with Agnieszka later in the evening and things felt okay. Then after work out I jammed my finger while refilling my water bottle. The finger turned blue and started swelling to the point where I could no longer a ring. When I came back home, my ankle started hurting more and I realized that too was swollen. I went to bed but it was difficult to fall asleep due to the pain. I finally did fall asleep only to wake up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. A pain killer helped settle that but it wasn’t a very perky girl waking up this morning. Also, earlier this week my bike turned out to have a flat tire and due to both ankle swelling and walking instead of biking, today’s heels weren’t put on until I got to work.


I find that the ability to walk in heels is like lifting weights. When you do it often you get stronger and can lift heavier and heavier weights but if you hold up you lose your strenght and have to re-start on much lighter weights. It’s the same with heels, when you walk in them often it gets easier and easier and you can move over to higher and higher heels but if you hold up for some time it gets harder to walk in heels again. Thse heels have been very comfortable earlier but right now it’s not possible for me to walk longer distances. Apart from the heel though, they are very comfortable and it’s a good heel to walk in, solid. Also, they look good and very business like. After a work day in these, putting on my regular shoes was like wearing flats.

Somewhat overrated

I do like tea. A lot. I drink tea every day and you might even say I’m a bit addicted since I might get a head ache in the afternoon if I haven’t had any black tea before noon. I also happens to be best friends with a real tea nerd so there are good conditions for nurturing a tea addiction.


For a while now I’ve heard about the tea that blossom into a flower when you put it in hot water and a friend of mine told me how much he drank of this tea when he had a cold the other week. The tea was bought at Harrod, mhm, snobbish, I know and he was very proud. The other day he brought us three tea flower buds at work and today we thought we would try it.


I can’t say it lived up to the expectations. It did unfold, that is true, but not into a pretty flower. It looked more like some seaweed had decided to take a swim in our pitcher. It didn’t smell very nice either but luckily it tasted better than it smelled even though I won’t be sorry if it takes a while before someone offers me this kind of tea again. But yeah, the flavor and the smell was secundary from the beginning and I probably wouldn’t have felt so disappointed if the “flower” had actually become a flower instead of this tangle floating around. I think I’ll stick to my regular tea for the next few weeks.

It’s in the color


Isn’t it interesting how much color choices affect the finished result? In the wrist warmers above brown is the main color in the finished one and the unfinished one has turquoise as main color and they look very different. Yet another proof, not that I needed one, of the importance of color and it’s effect on pretty much everything from mood to appearance. It never seizes to amaze me and makes me even more convinced that a careful choice in color is important, especially if you do something as time consuming as knitting – you don’t want to invest a lot of time in something that won’t turn out well due to badly chosen colors.

Also, the pattern is not as ad hoc on the unfinished wrist warmer. I must say I rather like the order in it even though I’m still a bit skeptic towards the main color as a main color. We’ll se when it’s all done.