Since the wedding and since I didn’t have to knit white lace shawls anymore I think I’ve been a little speed-blinded. I cast on and cast on and decide on new projects with tight deadlines. I currently have a pair of wristwarmers, a baby sweater, a shawl and a pair of socks on the needles with another pair of wristwarmers, another baby sweater and another shawl in pipeline. I also have plans for two small sweaters, an adult sweater and a poncho. I have to sew together the purple baby sweater and I have some older unfinished objects I should get to as well. I really need to start finishing some things before I get completely lost in cast on. I actually did finish something yesterday though, the Vacillate shawl, which is very nice. A block and some ends to weave in and then it’s ready to use. I have elaborate plans for a new one, but first I need to finish some other things.