Quick, quick and not so slow


I am frantically knitting so I can actually finnish something and I’m ten rows away from being done with Vacillate. Also, last night I finished one wrist warmer and I will start the second one when the first litte baby sweater is done. Good plan.


In the mean time I actually do have something finished to show you. A couple of weeks ago my friend Rachel came to visit me on her trip around Scandinavia. She spent a couple of nights at our place and then went on to explore some more. This Wednesday she came back to spend the last night with us before going back home. In the mean time I decided to make something for her to bring with her when going home.


The choice fell on a pair of wrist warmers in purple, the color of this fall, which also happens to be a color that Rachel loves. The yarn is DK weight so the wrist warmers were a very quick knit, which was very good since I didn’t have much time.


What really took time were the beads. Apparently I bought beads that were uneven and therefore only a few would even go over the yarn. I went through two bags of beads to find enough for the two wrist warmers, that’s just way too much work. I’ll be careful with the beads I buy in the future. These ones will probably work on a fingering weight yarn though so it’s not completely wasted.


All in all I think the wrist warmers turned out very well, it was a quick and pretty knit and I will with all probability make another pair in the future.


Pattern: Moonshine by Klara Norberg. Yarn: Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color 76 Dark Purple.