Is this the kind of friendship Rick meant?


I hope you’re not getting tired of this knitting. I sure am not. It’s lovely, so lovely that I just had to show you the latest contrasting color added. It pops and the combination lighter blue and brown is even more amazing than I had hoped. I am a little surprised myself at how well it works together and I will try to remember this for future projects. Colors are called Coffee Bean and Stormclous if I remember correctly. This is usually how the best color combinations come up, by accident – two pieces of clothing happen to land next to each other in the laundry basket or a new coat is all of a sudden meeting an older backpack (that’s how I discovered light blue and deep purple together). I love it when it happens, unexpected things working beautifully together.

I was a little scared that I had lost the next color in the shawl because I couldn’t find it, but it was hiding behind the couch cushions due to a yarn fight ( as opposed to pillow fight) last night. So, all is well and project is still so very, very lovely.