Purple for fall


It looks like I’ve found this fall’s color. Every year around fall I get a little obsessed with a color or a color combination. Over the years it’s been lion yellow, orange and lime, deep red and last year it was hot pink. This year it’s deep purple, as it also was in 2009. Maybe the fall color is cyclic? I should have seen it earlier, when I started the hooded baby cardigan but when that took forever to finish I thought it might be out my system. But no. Yesterday I was in the yarn store and I was looking for some yarn in jewel tones as the recipient likes jewel tones. I could have gone with blue (which was my initial intention) or green or red but at the cashier I realized I had gone with purple. Again. I think it’s not just me either, a lot of people has complimented me on my color choice, both with this yarn and when I was knitting the cardigan so purple must be it this year. I haven’t felt the urge to wear purple yet though but fall isn’t over yet. I think these wrist warmers will knit up super quick if it wasn’t for the fact that I accidentally bought crappy beads where they might look to be the right size but the hole in them is so tiny on most of them it hurts my fingers to try to pull the stitch through. The pattern said to string the beads on the yarn first but I didn’t want to. That might have been my second mistake after buying bad beads (btw, alliteration FTW!). We’ll see if I frog and start over. My goal is to have these done by Monday next week so there is not much time for afterthoughts. Again, we’ll see.