Hey baby, I think I’m gonna marry you


So it’s about time I show you the pictures from Saturday’s exhibition. We had a bride and wedding theme and we had a great time coming up with different ways to put lace into a wedding.


We took two of Julle’s and mine wedding invitations (thank you, mum and Agnieszka, for letting us borrow your’s for a while). The place card is also authentic, it’s from our wedding, but we put store bought lace on it. For this I added a piece of lace I made a couple of years ago, Wind Ripple. The handkerchief is obviously also a very good thing to bring to a wedding, no matter if you’re a guest or a member of the bridal party. I once made one for myself but it actually disappeared during a wedding. I left at my seat at the table and then it was gone. I should really make myself a new one.


We found three different bridal crowns. I think all of them are pretty, I can’t decide which I prefer. The one in the back is very pretty and pointy but the one to the far right is so elaborate and the golden one is so small and delicate. I can totally see an outfit for all of them. I chose a floral crown for my own wedding but a lace crown wouldn’t have been wrong, come to think of it.

To the left is a lace garter, also made out of bobbin lace. So adorable. And also something blue. My something blue was in the green lace tied around my bouquet, I added three blue beads among all the raspberry red beads.


We put together a whole dinner set with a lace place mat. It is just beautiful, that lace. I don’t think I would ever have the energy to sew the lace to the place mat. And when would you use them? At fancy dinners you tend to serve wine and it would just be awful to spill red wine on something this beautiful.


Next to your plate you obviously have your napkin, here made up with a napkin ring out of paper and one of the laces I made. It’s actually also my napkin as it happens. I thought it turned out very well.


This I find truly amazing, it’s a table decoration that is made flat and then you form this. I love that it’s in different colors and the shape of it.


For our finale we had an actual wedding dress, complete with hand made lace in the shape of hearts. It wasn’t a big exhibition but it was very pretty and very well thought. Someone mentioned that it must be really difficult to find enough lace for a wedding theme but I don’t think so at all. I am really proud of this and I think the guild did an amazing job. I think that this prooves that if you are really creative, you can put lace almost anywhere.