Late night thoughts on a bedspread


I’m propped up against some pillows in my bed writing this. My friend Rachel arrived from the States today, she is staying with us for a couple of nights before going exploring more of Scandinavia. We’ve had a fun day, it’s the Culture Night in my town and the bobbin lace guild had an exhibition at the city library. Above you’ll see a picture of our bobbin lace pillows. I will show you more later but right now I feel fairly tired. Not as tired as Rachel obviously but she has travelled for most part of the last 24 hours and she is jetlagged. She has already gone to bed and since she sleeps in the living room I’ve taken my tea cup into the bedroom to knit a few rows before I too go to bed. It brings me back to times when I didn’t have a living room, or multiple rooms at all. When I lived in France the bed was pretty much the only comfortable place in my room and it was just recently that I moved in to a place with more than one room. In France and when I lived in student housing, the bed was the only place where guests could sit and it was just normal to hang out on people’s beds, drinking tea, chatting or watching a movie. Now, as you grow older, you rarely see other people’s bedrooms anymore and I find it interesting how life changes that way. Now the couch is where you usually hang out and it would be kind of weird to sit down on someone else’s bed. Just seeing a bedroom where the bed is not placed against a wall to save room is kind of new but I guess that also comes with bigger apartments where you can actually designate a room for sleeping only and the main thing in that room is the bed.

I can’t say I miss hanging out on beds but somehow I think it might have felt like a closer relationship, more intimate, after actually sitting on someones bed instead of never even having been in the bedroom. Maybe, the older you get, you keep a bigger distance to people. Your privacy is becoming more important and maybe you don’t let people in as easily. Or maybe I shouldn’t read too much into this, sometimes a bed is just a bed.