M&M knitting


In the Knitmore Girls Podcast they sometimes talk about potato chip knitting. It’s knitting that just keeps going, one more row, one more row, and you can’t stop, like when you’re eating potato chips, you just want one more and one more and one more. Personally, mostly because I prefer chocolate, I can refer more to M&M’s. I once heard that when they invented the M&M formula, they asked the test groups which formula they prefered and why and such, but in the end they didn’t pick the formula that the test groups prefered, they picked the one that the test groups said made your mouth water the most. Sneaky, huh? This knowledge doesn’t stop me though, I love M&M’s, they are my potato chip, one more, one more.

This knitting is an M&M knitting. It’s a KAL and to keep up I need to knit 6,5 rows every day. So far that has not been a problem to keep up with. It’s like the M&M’s, just one more row, one more row. Just little over a week into the KAL and I have finished two out of nine repeats. I’m in love. So far it looks very 70’s but I know there are more colors to come. Just like with M&M’s.