I hope it’s worth waiting for


Normally when I hear that a friend is having a baby I start thinking about what to knit and I usually have it done and delivered to the parents-to-be before the baby is born. It is my way of saying congratulations and to welcome the new little human to the world.


Therefore it was quite hard when I realized earlier this year that I wouldn’t have time to finish this cardigan before for Sara’s little baby was born. I think I took it much harder than Sara did, she was very pragmatic and said that a sweater is much more needed in the fall than in the summer anyway. She’s right of course but that didn’t stop me from knitting the cardigan in cotton.


When all wedding stuff was done I could finally get going on this. It was the first knitting I picked up, on the train to Stockholm on Monday August 3, and it didn’t take long before it was finished (unless a certain other knitting that will go on foreeeeeever). Obviously it wasn’t finished on that train ride but I made steady progress and it got done before I got tired of it.


I quite like the pattern, it was interesting throughout once I got the hang of it and I’ve never knit cables like this.


My favorite design feature are the long cables on each side of the button bands. I really like the look of it and I think this yarn really made it justice. Over all it was a good yarn for this pattern and I like how the cardigan turned out. I really hope little Ivar does too.


Pattern: Silverfox by Lisa Chemery. Yarn: Drops Muskat from Garnstudio. Color: 77 Khaki.