It was a good idea in theory


On my couch there are some delicious little balls of yarn. Together they are going to become a very nice fall shawl, if all goes well. This is what I want to knit, together with my MKAL socks. This is pretty and delicious and fun.


This is what I am knitting. A Purple baby sweater. It is very nice, I’ll give it that, but, well, it’s not new. It’s been hours and hours of stockniette stitch and that’s pretty much it. Don’t get me wrong, once it’s finished it will look adorable but for now it’s kind of boring. The other day I finished the back and I was very pleased, now it was just a little bit left and then I could concentrate on deliciousness. I cast on the deliciousness and figured I could knit that at home and then bring the baby sweater with me whenever I was knitting in public, a few rounds here and there makes for a lot of progress that you aren’t quite expecting.


What I didn’t realize is that this sweater doesn’t end with a collar or anything. No, it ends with a hood. A very cute hood but a hood and not just a hood, a big hood. This hood will be miles and miles of plain garter stitch and I will have to knit in public forever to be able to finish it. The hood is just about as big as the entire back of the sweater. That is unfair, a sweater usually contains a back, one or two fronts depending on whether it’s a cardigan or a sweater, and two sleeves. Maybe some embellishments but if you have back, front and sleeves you are very close to being done. Not with this sweater, no, it has that big hood that I will now knit on forever and ever and I will never be able to fully concentrate on that deliciousness. I feel a bit deceived actually. We’ll see how wins in the end, me or the hood. The game is on.