Clever construction


Today I finally got around to block the purple cardigan. It’s a funny piece of knitting, especially with that gigant hood. It looks like an airplane. It’s a clever construction but I will see it finished before I praise it too much. I like that it’s only two seams and a few buttons and weaving in ends before it’s done, it would have been too much with a lot of finishing as well as that hood. Since it’s four layers of knit where the hood is, the blocking will take a while but that’s fine. I must admit, I can imagine just how adorable the little recipent will look in this when it’s finished. I really hope the parents will send me pictures.

Is this the kind of friendship Rick meant?


I hope you’re not getting tired of this knitting. I sure am not. It’s lovely, so lovely that I just had to show you the latest contrasting color added. It pops and the combination lighter blue and brown is even more amazing than I had hoped. I am a little surprised myself at how well it works together and I will try to remember this for future projects. Colors are called Coffee Bean and Stormclous if I remember correctly. This is usually how the best color combinations come up, by accident – two pieces of clothing happen to land next to each other in the laundry basket or a new coat is all of a sudden meeting an older backpack (that’s how I discovered light blue and deep purple together). I love it when it happens, unexpected things working beautifully together.

I was a little scared that I had lost the next color in the shawl because I couldn’t find it, but it was hiding behind the couch cushions due to a yarn fight ( as opposed to pillow fight) last night. So, all is well and project is still so very, very lovely.

Addictive to knit


I am pretty sure the pattern for my shawl-in-progress – Vacillate – is addictive. I’ve called it M&M knitting, I really like, it even though the two latest contrasting colors don’t pop as much as the previous ones, and it’s growing so fast! I know, I cast on September 1 and today is September 18 and this isn’t much for 18 days of knitting but remember I also have finished that eternal hood, I have kept up to speed with my MKAL socks and I’ve started a pair of wrist warmers. All in all, this project is growing and it’s growing quickly.


I’m almost finished with the fifth out of eight repeats and I can’t wait to get on with the next repeat, and the next, and… Not only that, I’m already planning my second Vacillate. It turns out not the knitting itself is M&M knitting but the pattern too!  If anyone of my readers is interested in one, please let me know, I will be glad to knit you one. My only conditions are that you pick your colors from the Vacillate yarn kits here (look at the two last pictures), that you agree to one main color and nine contrasting colors, that you don’t pick a kit that I’ve already knit and that I have the right to change my mind if I happen to feel like I should move on (it’s unlikely but one can never be too careful).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is finished by the end of the week. Just looking at these pictures makes me want to knit, just a few more rounds.

Purple for fall


It looks like I’ve found this fall’s color. Every year around fall I get a little obsessed with a color or a color combination. Over the years it’s been lion yellow, orange and lime, deep red and last year it was hot pink. This year it’s deep purple, as it also was in 2009. Maybe the fall color is cyclic? I should have seen it earlier, when I started the hooded baby cardigan but when that took forever to finish I thought it might be out my system. But no. Yesterday I was in the yarn store and I was looking for some yarn in jewel tones as the recipient likes jewel tones. I could have gone with blue (which was my initial intention) or green or red but at the cashier I realized I had gone with purple. Again. I think it’s not just me either, a lot of people has complimented me on my color choice, both with this yarn and when I was knitting the cardigan so purple must be it this year. I haven’t felt the urge to wear purple yet though but fall isn’t over yet. I think these wrist warmers will knit up super quick if it wasn’t for the fact that I accidentally bought crappy beads where they might look to be the right size but the hole in them is so tiny on most of them it hurts my fingers to try to pull the stitch through. The pattern said to string the beads on the yarn first but I didn’t want to. That might have been my second mistake after buying bad beads (btw, alliteration FTW!). We’ll see if I frog and start over. My goal is to have these done by Monday next week so there is not much time for afterthoughts. Again, we’ll see.

Hey baby, I think I’m gonna marry you


So it’s about time I show you the pictures from Saturday’s exhibition. We had a bride and wedding theme and we had a great time coming up with different ways to put lace into a wedding.


We took two of Julle’s and mine wedding invitations (thank you, mum and Agnieszka, for letting us borrow your’s for a while). The place card is also authentic, it’s from our wedding, but we put store bought lace on it. For this I added a piece of lace I made a couple of years ago, Wind Ripple. The handkerchief is obviously also a very good thing to bring to a wedding, no matter if you’re a guest or a member of the bridal party. I once made one for myself but it actually disappeared during a wedding. I left at my seat at the table and then it was gone. I should really make myself a new one.


We found three different bridal crowns. I think all of them are pretty, I can’t decide which I prefer. The one in the back is very pretty and pointy but the one to the far right is so elaborate and the golden one is so small and delicate. I can totally see an outfit for all of them. I chose a floral crown for my own wedding but a lace crown wouldn’t have been wrong, come to think of it.

To the left is a lace garter, also made out of bobbin lace. So adorable. And also something blue. My something blue was in the green lace tied around my bouquet, I added three blue beads among all the raspberry red beads.


We put together a whole dinner set with a lace place mat. It is just beautiful, that lace. I don’t think I would ever have the energy to sew the lace to the place mat. And when would you use them? At fancy dinners you tend to serve wine and it would just be awful to spill red wine on something this beautiful.


Next to your plate you obviously have your napkin, here made up with a napkin ring out of paper and one of the laces I made. It’s actually also my napkin as it happens. I thought it turned out very well.


This I find truly amazing, it’s a table decoration that is made flat and then you form this. I love that it’s in different colors and the shape of it.


For our finale we had an actual wedding dress, complete with hand made lace in the shape of hearts. It wasn’t a big exhibition but it was very pretty and very well thought. Someone mentioned that it must be really difficult to find enough lace for a wedding theme but I don’t think so at all. I am really proud of this and I think the guild did an amazing job. I think that this prooves that if you are really creative, you can put lace almost anywhere.

Fake potato cake – first go


This day has basically only been meetings. A lot of meetings but the good kind of meetings where you got tea and cake and has the opportunity to knit. I’ve finally finished the huge hood and I could continue with my M&M knitting which is steadily growing. I’ve almost finished four out of nine repeats. The purple doesn’t stand out as much as I had hoped perhaps but it’s still very pretty.


I also brought cake to one of the meetings. This summer I had fake potato cake for the first time and it was really good. I’m not very fond of two of three components by themseves but together it was just great. So I thought I would give it a try. I had to make it gluten free so it was a little of trial and error and also some minor difficulties but the end result was actually very good. I’ll try it again some time.

Late night thoughts on a bedspread


I’m propped up against some pillows in my bed writing this. My friend Rachel arrived from the States today, she is staying with us for a couple of nights before going exploring more of Scandinavia. We’ve had a fun day, it’s the Culture Night in my town and the bobbin lace guild had an exhibition at the city library. Above you’ll see a picture of our bobbin lace pillows. I will show you more later but right now I feel fairly tired. Not as tired as Rachel obviously but she has travelled for most part of the last 24 hours and she is jetlagged. She has already gone to bed and since she sleeps in the living room I’ve taken my tea cup into the bedroom to knit a few rows before I too go to bed. It brings me back to times when I didn’t have a living room, or multiple rooms at all. When I lived in France the bed was pretty much the only comfortable place in my room and it was just recently that I moved in to a place with more than one room. In France and when I lived in student housing, the bed was the only place where guests could sit and it was just normal to hang out on people’s beds, drinking tea, chatting or watching a movie. Now, as you grow older, you rarely see other people’s bedrooms anymore and I find it interesting how life changes that way. Now the couch is where you usually hang out and it would be kind of weird to sit down on someone else’s bed. Just seeing a bedroom where the bed is not placed against a wall to save room is kind of new but I guess that also comes with bigger apartments where you can actually designate a room for sleeping only and the main thing in that room is the bed.

I can’t say I miss hanging out on beds but somehow I think it might have felt like a closer relationship, more intimate, after actually sitting on someones bed instead of never even having been in the bedroom. Maybe, the older you get, you keep a bigger distance to people. Your privacy is becoming more important and maybe you don’t let people in as easily. Or maybe I shouldn’t read too much into this, sometimes a bed is just a bed.

Friday night knitting


I was so inspired the other night when I talked about M&M knitting that I had to get some. You know, just one more. So, I have a sweet night with my candy and the next MKAL clue for my sock knitting. I hope you have a good one too. Happy knitting!

Up to speed


I’m very pleased with tonight’s progress. I’m finally up to speed with my MKAL with two clues left to come. The next one arrives tomorrow and I’m so happy not to be behind. The last clue was a small one to help us keep up in case we were behind. I like the pattern but these socks are in serious need of a block. After that I expect them to be lovely. My last ones have developed holes on the heels and it’s getting cooler so a new pair of socks will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

M&M knitting


In the Knitmore Girls Podcast they sometimes talk about potato chip knitting. It’s knitting that just keeps going, one more row, one more row, and you can’t stop, like when you’re eating potato chips, you just want one more and one more and one more. Personally, mostly because I prefer chocolate, I can refer more to M&M’s. I once heard that when they invented the M&M formula, they asked the test groups which formula they prefered and why and such, but in the end they didn’t pick the formula that the test groups prefered, they picked the one that the test groups said made your mouth water the most. Sneaky, huh? This knowledge doesn’t stop me though, I love M&M’s, they are my potato chip, one more, one more.

This knitting is an M&M knitting. It’s a KAL and to keep up I need to knit 6,5 rows every day. So far that has not been a problem to keep up with. It’s like the M&M’s, just one more row, one more row. Just little over a week into the KAL and I have finished two out of nine repeats. I’m in love. So far it looks very 70’s but I know there are more colors to come. Just like with M&M’s.