Another one off the needles


Ladies and Gentlemen, late last night a tiny baby sweater was finished. Now I’ve put it to block and I hope to get buttons tomorrow. It’s adorable, as any baby sweater, and I’m sure the baby in question will be very comfortable in it.

Now, what to knit next?

Not at all smallish


This weekend my friend told me that her nephew is five years old. That nephew was one of the first to receive a pair of baby socks from me which made me realize that it’s a little over five years ago that I knit my first baby sock. It sounds about right, I remember one of my own nephews getting a pair of socks as well and he must have been a few months old when he got them. He will be six in November. Five years is not a very long time and it’s amazing how much you can learn in just five years. Now a baby sock is nothing and often feels a little smallish but only as long as I compare it to other knitted gifts. A baby sock still takes about two to three hours to make and you have to make two so it’s not smallish when you actually thing about it. I still prefer making cardigans though but sometimes I don’t have the time.


I need a reminder that making socks isn’t as easy as I think it is, I’ve only been making them for five years and before that I didn’t know how to do it. Hand knit socks are still hand knit socks and I don’t think of a pair of adult socks as smallish. It’s a good way to prevent the speed blindness to think of the first pair of socks, or whatever it is, you made and compare them to what you make today. Not only does it take four to six hours to make a pair of baby socks, it’s also a skill I’ve honed for more than five years which would make me a pretty good sock knitter and these baby socks more valuable than the ones I first made. That is a very appealing thought. Not only that, I’m also very happy with the latest socks, the color, the lace, the yarn, it doesn’t get any better than that. Or at least not for now, ask me again in five years.


Pattern: Dolce Socks by Sheryl Greenfield. Yarn: Smashing Sock from Stunning String Studio, color Summer Gardens.



Since the wedding and since I didn’t have to knit white lace shawls anymore I think I’ve been a little speed-blinded. I cast on and cast on and decide on new projects with tight deadlines. I currently have a pair of wristwarmers, a baby sweater, a shawl and a pair of socks on the needles with another pair of wristwarmers, another baby sweater and another shawl in pipeline. I also have plans for two small sweaters, an adult sweater and a poncho. I have to sew together the purple baby sweater and I have some older unfinished objects I should get to as well. I really need to start finishing some things before I get completely lost in cast on. I actually did finish something yesterday though, the Vacillate shawl, which is very nice. A block and some ends to weave in and then it’s ready to use. I have elaborate plans for a new one, but first I need to finish some other things.

Quick, quick and not so slow


I am frantically knitting so I can actually finnish something and I’m ten rows away from being done with Vacillate. Also, last night I finished one wrist warmer and I will start the second one when the first litte baby sweater is done. Good plan.


In the mean time I actually do have something finished to show you. A couple of weeks ago my friend Rachel came to visit me on her trip around Scandinavia. She spent a couple of nights at our place and then went on to explore some more. This Wednesday she came back to spend the last night with us before going back home. In the mean time I decided to make something for her to bring with her when going home.


The choice fell on a pair of wrist warmers in purple, the color of this fall, which also happens to be a color that Rachel loves. The yarn is DK weight so the wrist warmers were a very quick knit, which was very good since I didn’t have much time.


What really took time were the beads. Apparently I bought beads that were uneven and therefore only a few would even go over the yarn. I went through two bags of beads to find enough for the two wrist warmers, that’s just way too much work. I’ll be careful with the beads I buy in the future. These ones will probably work on a fingering weight yarn though so it’s not completely wasted.


All in all I think the wrist warmers turned out very well, it was a quick and pretty knit and I will with all probability make another pair in the future.


Pattern: Moonshine by Klara Norberg. Yarn: Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, color 76 Dark Purple.

The obvious answer


I went to bed last night with all my pattern books containing baby sweaters but I couldn’t find anything tempting or suiting. I fell asleep a little miserable without any ideas what to do. This morning the answer was crystal clear. It was as obvious as it was simple – the Maile sweater. It’s cute, flattering and fun and quick to knit. The yarn is indeed blue and I’ve made a good start. I’ve started so many knittings lately I figure it’s time actually finished a few so that’s what I’m going to concentrate on this weekend.

Thinking of knitting


Another late night, knitting and contemplating future knitting. The baby socks are a no, I’m not knitting another pair right now. Instead I’m contemplating two baby sweaters. I met a baby today and I desperately want to knit something for that baby. Also today I found out an old friend has become a dad just the other week and I didn’t even know there was a baby on the way so I both happy and a little stressed, I should obviously knit something for that little one. So, while I’m thinking about what to knit, which pattern and what yarn. I’m thinking blue, that’s as far as I’ve come.

Happy friday night knitting!



Here is proof that I did indeed have two baby socks with me back home. It always amazes me how quick baby socks are. I didn’t have a grafting needle so I used a knitting needle and I learned that when doing kitchener stitch with a knitting needle you have to do it the other way around from regular way. It was a little backwards but it when fine. Now, waiting for it to block and then weaving in ends and then it’s done. And I cast on Monday, a mare two days ago. I love it when a project is quick.

A knitting princess at the mansion


I’ve relocated for the night, to a mansion for a conference. It’s been a very good conference so far and with me I have a small sock in progress. I think a baby sock is probably one of the best things to bring when you only have bits and pieces of time to knit – a few rounds on the bus here, half a heel flap during coffee break, picking up stitches for the gusset during group discussion. We’ll see if I don’t have two tiny socks when I get back tomorrow. I sure hope so.

The lovliest color in town


A short little entry today. I just wanted to show you the new yarn that found it’s way to my mail box today. I love the color! It’s amazing and I can’t wait to cast on. It’s so suggestive and mysterious. Perfect for fall, and so elegant. I’m casting on October 1, it will be lovely, oh, so lovely.