A way to handle procrastination


I’ve been trying to talk myself into continue working on my lace for the past week. It’s been difficult and I have been more than un-willing. Instead I’ve been given all my attention to my second white lace, so much in fact that it’s now finished. Then I turned my attention to another unfinished shawl that only had a few rows left. I tried to finished these in time for the next MKAL clue but now that I’m in serious doubt about my contrasting color it doesn’t feel right to knit on the MKAL. So when I woke up this morning I realized I had nothing to knit and the only thing left was the lace and I really sat down and made a few repeats. It wasn’t enough repeats for one day but it was a start.

About ten years ago I was reading an interesting book. I was a week from a big, and difficult, phonetics exam that I really needed to study for but I couldn’t tear myself from the book. One evening at dance practise I started reading the book before the other dancers came and I kept reading when they arrived. When I had read for one hour into practise I realized two things. 1. The book was obviously very good if it ment I willingly missed dance practise (or at least one hour of it) and 2. that the best way of moving on to the phonetics books was to actually finish this book first. I did that, quite quickly, and then I had no distractions, and no bad conscience, from studying (although¬†I do remember studying for the same exam at theater camp one weekend (what can I say, I had a lot going on in my life)) and I got top grades on that exam.

I used the same method a few years later when a book was so good I had to read it while walking to work. This time too I had an exam (linguistic history)¬†coming up (I’ve had a lot of exams throughout the years) and I made sure to finish the book as quickly as possible. Then I made sure I didn’t buy the sequel until after the exam and that was the first thing I did, I walked straight from the exam hall to the book store. I guess it was the same thing now with the lace, I had to finish the knitting before I could turn my attention to the bobbin lace. Sometimes that’s what it is, some things need to be done in order for something else to be started. And sometimes you just need an excuse to procrastinate.