There is always a first

I don’t take color easily. I’m careful and I’m confident in my ability to pick colors that match. If I don’t like something completely I’m not considering it but I’m also not the one who changes my mind once I’ve made it up.. That is, when I have the possibility to choose from multiple skeins of yarn. Unfortunately, I buy a lot of yarn online and it’s not as easy to match colors from pictures only.


Colors became an even more difficult when I started doing MKALs. For some MKAL’s you get to pick the colors of the¬†yarn yourself but since you don’t know what the project will become it’s even harder to pick your colors. Only online pictures and no knowledge of the project, that makes it really difficult. Sometimes you end up with¬†something great and sometimes it’s not as great. Nevertheless, so far I’ve always stuck with the colors given to me with the shawls I’ve finished. That has resulted in some, how should I put it, less used shawls in my drawers.


This time though I’m really close to making some changes. I picked a glowing green and wanted a neutral color to go with it but thought white would be too shiny. I found the color Linen, a light beige color and kind of nice, as far as beige goes. When I saw these to colors together I had my doubts but I wanted to give it a proper chance.


After the first few rounds with the Linen colors it becomes clearer and clearer that it’s not working. The Linen looks grey and dull next to the neon green. Now, I have a few skeins from the same yarn vendor and I’ve compared them with the neon green. One looks like it might work, a very light green, not at all towards the dull but very fresh and light. It might work, and probably better than the Linen, but it’s still a difficult decision. The Linen might surprise me later on when I’ve made few more rounds or in a different light. It was my original decision and I find it hard to change it. This is very likely to be the first MKAL where I switch yarn color and that is a little scary. We’ll see what happens.