And along came pollen

It’s been nice weather over the weekend but I have kept indoors. The grass just exploded with the heat and that meant pollen galore. I stayed indoors, sneezing and blowing my nose. This morning though I figured┬áthat since it had rained I should feel better and when I didn’t I looked over my symptoms again and realized that together with the allergies I had actually managed to get a cold right here in July. Crazy. So, I’m still sneezing but at least I know why it’s not stopping.wpid-dsc_6419.jpg

This indoor confinement has given me a lot of knitting time though. Even though I have another white lace on the needles right now, which I am making good progress on, I had to cast on the latest MKAL. I missed the last two due to the Great Lace and I’d like to keep up at least a little. I don’t know if I can keep up with the clues but so far so good.


It’s not white, it’s green and it looks kind of a like a Swedish pear icecream. It makes me craving that icecream but it is also pretty great not to knit white. Now there will be some more white lace though before the next clue is released on Friday.