What happened in June?

I have absolutely no idea where June went. All of a sudden it’s July and I realize I wasn’t aware that summer has really begun. Somewhere between working too much, stress attacks and knitting as if my life depended on it, summer arrived, June came and Went and here I sit on July 1st wondering what happened. Sure, there is finished Great Lace (more about that in a later post) but then what? I still have a ton to do at work and I feel like I might miss this summer completely even though I now that’s not true. I was aware that yesterday was June 30 but that July 1 comes right after had completely escaped my mind.

So what happened to June? Or more importantly, what happened in June? I know I was on some kind of vacation to let my poor mind rest but I was perhaps a little too worked up because I don’t remember much of it. That’s a stressful mind for you (and yes, I’m less stressed out after vacation that before so it did the trick even if things are not entirely back to normal yet). Luckily I have my blog (even though it looks like I completely forgot about that one too in June) which means I try to take as many pictures as I can to show on the blog. So how about a little reminder? What actually happened on vacation?


Well, we went North. North is a good place to rest, it’s comfortable (as long as you don’t stay in a tent, which I don’t), it’s without Internet Connection and there is lots of tea. What more could you ask for? I had decided not to bring the Great Lace, partly because it’s a mess to move and partly because I needed to feel completely free. All I wanted was to puzzle and that I did. I made two puzzles of 1000 pieces each in three and a half days. Then the puzzle obsession ceased. For now.


I remember drinking lots of tea and never ending days and walking through the Midsummer night. I remember talking a million pictures of muskoxen and possibly finding a new favorit animal (next to elephants).





Muskoxen knows what’s important in life, feminism and wool and I don’t see how you cannot love that. Quivit is now on top of my yarn wish list. That’s the worlds warmest wool and I think it’s my knitterly duty to honor them and do my best to protect the muskoxen.


I remember walking up on the mountain with Julle, fighting off mosquitos (the thing in the upper left corner in the picture is not an airplane, it’s a mosquito) and hiding from the rain (and stumbling on the way down and get broken tights and broken skin but that’s okay because that happens during summer).


Our vacations usually involves me, Julle and a (or several) huge cameras. This one was no exception.




Julle taking pictures of the landscape and me taking pictures of Julle taking pictures.


I remember have tea at a yarn shop where I didn’t purchase any yarn, but two pattern magazines and tea and cake.


I love a yarn store that takes its’ tea seriously.


I remember having fake potato cake which was surprisingly delicious. I usually don’t like sponge cake nor buttercream but I do like almond paste and together all these Three Components where delicious.

Now, the big question is, what does a knitter, who has been knitting on an never ending white lace for a year, do when she’s finally allowed to cast on something new?


Another white lace of course!