Of which we will talk quitely

So, these past few days I’ve done something completely out of character. I picked up a crochet hook and then I couldn’t put it done. I don’t think that has ever happened before. I have made the occasional crocheted border on knitted garments but other than that I’ve never felt the urge to crochet. I know how to do it of course but I’ve never fallen for it, like with knitting.


Now though, I don’t know what happened but crochet I did and fun it was and when I was done I hade made flowers and I had even bought more yarn to make matching flowers.


I ended up with a big pink flower in three layers.


A smaller pink flower in two layers with the same yarn but different color.


And a small flower with two layers in a different yarn weight.


I’m not sure this crochet frenzy will continue and I might only want to make flowers but I guess I could always put pretty flowers on things I knit.

Pattern: Rosa by Drops design. Yarn: Muskat from Drops design in colors 10 Peach and 29 Old pink and Mandarin Petit from Sandness garn in color 4517.

The plot thickens


Apparently this is also supposed to be a slipper after some seams and a wash. Even though it was knit on smaller needles it was a lot quicker than the other slippers-to-be and I wasn’t too keen on the color, blue, but it was better than I thought because of the variation in the coloring. Folded this piece of knitting still looks funny but after a few seams and a lining it actually resembled a really big slipper.


It looks like a slipper for a gigant but a slipper nevertheless. So, next step – a wash.

Curiouser and curiouser


The knitting part is finished but the question marks are still plenty. Two seams, one wash and a button are supposedly all that stands between this weird looking piece of knitting and a finshed slipper. It will be very interesting to see how this is going to work out. A little mystery of my own.

The strangest thing


Do you know what this is? No? Neither did Julle when I asked him. He guessed it was a cardigan for a small someone but that the sleeves where pretty weird. He’s right, had this been a cardigan, which it’s not, had it been very weird since there are no armholes under the sleeves. So no, not a cardigan. It’s actually becoming a slipper. I’m not sure myself yet how that will happen but if I manage to get this into what’s on the picture in the pattern, it will be very pretty. First I need to finish this one and then there is another one (slippers usually come in pairs) and then there is felting. I’ve never felted before so that will be interesting. We’ll se how it all turns out. I’m mostly interested in seeing if this will actually become something that might be remotely related to a slipper because right now the resemblance is hard to see. Knit on and see.

A way to handle procrastination


I’ve been trying to talk myself into continue working on my lace for the past week. It’s been difficult and I have been more than un-willing. Instead I’ve been given all my attention to my second white lace, so much in fact that it’s now finished. Then I turned my attention to another unfinished shawl that only had a few rows left. I tried to finished these in time for the next MKAL clue but now that I’m in serious doubt about my contrasting color it doesn’t feel right to knit on the MKAL. So when I woke up this morning I realized I had nothing to knit and the only thing left was the lace and I really sat down and made a few repeats. It wasn’t enough repeats for one day but it was a start.

About ten years ago I was reading an interesting book. I was a week from a big, and difficult, phonetics exam that I really needed to study for but I couldn’t tear myself from the book. One evening at dance practise I started reading the book before the other dancers came and I kept reading when they arrived. When I had read for one hour into practise I realized two things. 1. The book was obviously very good if it ment I willingly missed dance practise (or at least one hour of it) and 2. that the best way of moving on to the phonetics books was to actually finish this book first. I did that, quite quickly, and then I had no distractions, and no bad conscience, from studying (although I do remember studying for the same exam at theater camp one weekend (what can I say, I had a lot going on in my life)) and I got top grades on that exam.

I used the same method a few years later when a book was so good I had to read it while walking to work. This time too I had an exam (linguistic history) coming up (I’ve had a lot of exams throughout the years) and I made sure to finish the book as quickly as possible. Then I made sure I didn’t buy the sequel until after the exam and that was the first thing I did, I walked straight from the exam hall to the book store. I guess it was the same thing now with the lace, I had to finish the knitting before I could turn my attention to the bobbin lace. Sometimes that’s what it is, some things need to be done in order for something else to be started. And sometimes you just need an excuse to procrastinate.

There is always a first

I don’t take color easily. I’m careful and I’m confident in my ability to pick colors that match. If I don’t like something completely I’m not considering it but I’m also not the one who changes my mind once I’ve made it up.. That is, when I have the possibility to choose from multiple skeins of yarn. Unfortunately, I buy a lot of yarn online and it’s not as easy to match colors from pictures only.


Colors became an even more difficult when I started doing MKALs. For some MKAL’s you get to pick the colors of the yarn yourself but since you don’t know what the project will become it’s even harder to pick your colors. Only online pictures and no knowledge of the project, that makes it really difficult. Sometimes you end up with something great and sometimes it’s not as great. Nevertheless, so far I’ve always stuck with the colors given to me with the shawls I’ve finished. That has resulted in some, how should I put it, less used shawls in my drawers.


This time though I’m really close to making some changes. I picked a glowing green and wanted a neutral color to go with it but thought white would be too shiny. I found the color Linen, a light beige color and kind of nice, as far as beige goes. When I saw these to colors together I had my doubts but I wanted to give it a proper chance.


After the first few rounds with the Linen colors it becomes clearer and clearer that it’s not working. The Linen looks grey and dull next to the neon green. Now, I have a few skeins from the same yarn vendor and I’ve compared them with the neon green. One looks like it might work, a very light green, not at all towards the dull but very fresh and light. It might work, and probably better than the Linen, but it’s still a difficult decision. The Linen might surprise me later on when I’ve made few more rounds or in a different light. It was my original decision and I find it hard to change it. This is very likely to be the first MKAL where I switch yarn color and that is a little scary. We’ll see what happens.



And along came pollen

It’s been nice weather over the weekend but I have kept indoors. The grass just exploded with the heat and that meant pollen galore. I stayed indoors, sneezing and blowing my nose. This morning though I figured that since it had rained I should feel better and when I didn’t I looked over my symptoms again and realized that together with the allergies I had actually managed to get a cold right here in July. Crazy. So, I’m still sneezing but at least I know why it’s not stopping.wpid-dsc_6419.jpg

This indoor confinement has given me a lot of knitting time though. Even though I have another white lace on the needles right now, which I am making good progress on, I had to cast on the latest MKAL. I missed the last two due to the Great Lace and I’d like to keep up at least a little. I don’t know if I can keep up with the clues but so far so good.


It’s not white, it’s green and it looks kind of a like a Swedish pear icecream. It makes me craving that icecream but it is also pretty great not to knit white. Now there will be some more white lace though before the next clue is released on Friday.

What happened in June?

I have absolutely no idea where June went. All of a sudden it’s July and I realize I wasn’t aware that summer has really begun. Somewhere between working too much, stress attacks and knitting as if my life depended on it, summer arrived, June came and Went and here I sit on July 1st wondering what happened. Sure, there is finished Great Lace (more about that in a later post) but then what? I still have a ton to do at work and I feel like I might miss this summer completely even though I now that’s not true. I was aware that yesterday was June 30 but that July 1 comes right after had completely escaped my mind.

So what happened to June? Or more importantly, what happened in June? I know I was on some kind of vacation to let my poor mind rest but I was perhaps a little too worked up because I don’t remember much of it. That’s a stressful mind for you (and yes, I’m less stressed out after vacation that before so it did the trick even if things are not entirely back to normal yet). Luckily I have my blog (even though it looks like I completely forgot about that one too in June) which means I try to take as many pictures as I can to show on the blog. So how about a little reminder? What actually happened on vacation?


Well, we went North. North is a good place to rest, it’s comfortable (as long as you don’t stay in a tent, which I don’t), it’s without Internet Connection and there is lots of tea. What more could you ask for? I had decided not to bring the Great Lace, partly because it’s a mess to move and partly because I needed to feel completely free. All I wanted was to puzzle and that I did. I made two puzzles of 1000 pieces each in three and a half days. Then the puzzle obsession ceased. For now.


I remember drinking lots of tea and never ending days and walking through the Midsummer night. I remember talking a million pictures of muskoxen and possibly finding a new favorit animal (next to elephants).





Muskoxen knows what’s important in life, feminism and wool and I don’t see how you cannot love that. Quivit is now on top of my yarn wish list. That’s the worlds warmest wool and I think it’s my knitterly duty to honor them and do my best to protect the muskoxen.


I remember walking up on the mountain with Julle, fighting off mosquitos (the thing in the upper left corner in the picture is not an airplane, it’s a mosquito) and hiding from the rain (and stumbling on the way down and get broken tights and broken skin but that’s okay because that happens during summer).


Our vacations usually involves me, Julle and a (or several) huge cameras. This one was no exception.




Julle taking pictures of the landscape and me taking pictures of Julle taking pictures.


I remember have tea at a yarn shop where I didn’t purchase any yarn, but two pattern magazines and tea and cake.


I love a yarn store that takes its’ tea seriously.


I remember having fake potato cake which was surprisingly delicious. I usually don’t like sponge cake nor buttercream but I do like almond paste and together all these Three Components where delicious.

Now, the big question is, what does a knitter, who has been knitting on an never ending white lace for a year, do when she’s finally allowed to cast on something new?


Another white lace of course!