Here, underneath layers of towels and sheets, it is, finally blocking, my Great Lace. Huge amount of work, probably about 500 000 stitches and one year. The result is hidden right now but will show itself soon enough. In the meantime I’m going to sleep. God night!

That is a new experience


Today I’ve watched yarn in the making, or rather muskoxen at a reserve. It was fascinating and now my new dream is to try out some yarn made of muskox wool. It’s warmer than wool from sheep and, I imagine, quite nice to knit.

Don’t stop me now


I’m sorry about the elusiveness. June hit me with full force and I wasn’t at all prepared. Usually by June Everything calms down but not this year. Instead, the stress rate has increased steadily these past two weeks and I’m doing my best to keep up. I did manage to have the center of my huge lace shawl done by June 1st and since then I’ve worked on the final border lace. It’s about 78 repeats and so far I’ve managed 56 so it’s good progress and I might actually be ready for blocking on June 28. This hasn’t come easy though. Although I’m much more comfortable with knitting this pattern in this yarn than when I first started this Project it’s still slow progress. Back when I did the first 85 border edge lace repeats I only managed to make one per day and yesterday I did 11 but it still takes me half an hour at the least to make one pattern repeat. One pattern repeat is 640 stitches, it’s not much at all but it’s complicated lace and quite impossible to learn it by heart. I need to look at the chart all the time and that slows me down. And since there is lace on both sides I don’t have any rows where I can relax. My goal of making four repeats per day has prooved to be very difficult, not only beacuse one repeat takes so much time but also because all the other things I have to do is piling up.


This weekend the Swedish Prince got married and I was watching the wedding on TV, knitting away. It felt like a worthy television show for a huge pile of white lace.


It was actually very nice, we had tea and chocolate and wine and grapes and it was a great afternoon. The lace grew which is really it’s job right now. It also had a funny way of dropping its stoppers a few times this weekend but luckily I was prepared. Not only had I put rubber bands on the needles together with the stoppers but I had also put a life line thorugh the live stitches at the center which came in very handy (oh, the horror if I hadn’t!).


People are constantly asking why there are so many pink lines through the lace and I agree that it looks peculiar. I didn’t add a single life line before I had finished the 250 border rows but I think that was it with tempting fate. Life lines fill a purpose, that’s all I can say.


It looks kind of smashing even before it’s blocked, I must say. I can’t wait till it’s finished and I get to see it for real without and knitting needles in the way.