Last one


This year’s last finished knitting is blocking. It’s also the 12th knitting for me this year. It’s been a race against time but here we are. Hopefully it will be dry before midnight but even if it’s not I still consider it finished. We’re having a New Year’s dinner and our guests will have to deal with having dinner next to a blocking shawl. Ah, the things you do for art.
Happy New Year!

Double delight


It’s been a lovely winter day here and we took a walk in the  sunshine. I think that Christmas day might be my favourite day all year. The whole Christmas shebang is pretty much over and you have a day where all you are required to do is eat candy, drink tea and play with your Christmas gifts. There are no musts and have tos and you can just do whatever you want, at least in my family.


This holiday I’ve worked on a little cardigan to an unborn baby that I hope to have finished before tomorrow. I will let it block over night and hope it’s dry by tomorrow afternoon. This color might not be very Christmas-y but this particular shade of pink must be the prettiest pink ever, it’s perfect and a true delight to knit.

Merry Christmas!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Actually, most of the shebang is already over here and we’re having a great time. I hope you have the same. Happy holidays and happy knitting!

I see trees


Our Christmas tree is finally up. I rather like it but till next year we should get more colors, almost all the baubles are red or white. Putting the actual tree together was awful, all the little branches had to be pulled out seperately (yes, plastic tree) but luckily I’ve gotten myself out of disassembling it when that time comes. For now though, I’ll just enjoy the tree.

They are everywhere


It was bound to happen. I don’t know how many beaded knitting projects I’ve done in the past few years but it’s many. Therefore it was just a matter of time before the beads started seeping into other crafts too. This is what has happened now and I present to you my first beaded lace. It’s only in the beginning so far but I have great expectations on this one. Isn’t it cute?

Awaiting the screw-up


The biggest down side to knitting is the finishing. Weaving in ends is boring but after some practise it’s hard to fail weaving in ends. What’s worse is the sewing together. It’s tricky, it’s fiddly and the odds are good that you will have to re-do everything. I’ve spent the day sewing together. So boring and I’m glad it was at least a garment for a small person and with short sleeves so it’s not that big. So far it’s looking okay but I don’t think it will last, there will be some problems, I’m sure of it. Well, I’ll proceed boldy on.

Off the record, on the QT and very hush-hush


It’s that time again. The time when everything I knit is a secret to someone so I have to be careful what project bag I carry and where, what I knit when and who will I meet? To show something on the blog is not to think about. Who happened to be with me when I bought what yarn and what have they expressed interest in? Should I go for that wish or should I decide for myself? It’s important to remember that wishes are wishes and not orders. I knit, I get to decide. If I get to choose it can either go totally wrong or I’ve found something that the receiver hadn’t even thought about themselves. It’s a lot of stealth knitting and shuffling and remembering to keep my mouth shut in some situations. I do firmly believe in people now buying stuff for themselves Before Christmas is over, you never know what might await you in Santa’s sack.

What’s left is to do the finishing on one gift, knit the last parts of another, start four smaller ones and that should be it. I’m not telling how much is, or is not, already finished. 20 days left till Christmas Eve. Hush-hush!

Not red, chestnut


I got a new cross-stitch kit for my birthday. Don’t you think it looks just like Green Gable? It triggers the imagination and I might have to watch the movies while making this. Or listen to the audio book. Or both, this might take a while but it’s beautiful!

The Christmas Hypothesis


I’ve done the calculations and granted I finish the current MKAL (only one clue left and I’m totally caught up) and also the lace border on another shawl, I only have one project left  to make for me to before I’ve reached the appropriated twelve projects for me. This is doable, I’ve made an overview of my Christmas knitting, I know what to do, I know what I’ve done and so far no panic – yet. This should mean that this one project is possible, after all, I need something to knit on Christmas Eve too (I know, all my American knitter friends think I’m crazy, I know Christmas Eve is your most stressful knitting day but for me, if it’s not finished on Christmas Eve it’s not finished in time since Santa comes around 5 pm on Christmas Eve in Sweden, around the same time that someone, traditionally dad, have an urgent need for something to do and goes out to buy the newspaper. (I have a theory about this day confusion actually, I think that in order for Santa to make it to all kids (and grown-ups too…) that are awaiting for him, he had to start earlier and earlier in the evening because that flight over the Atlantic ocean can be a tricky one, especially if it’s windy, and, even though he was helped by time difference and such, it ended with him having to come as early as 5 pm the evening before the 25th to Sweden. To make up for this, and also to prevent embarrassing chimney stuckness (it’s a word, now) while people are looking, he decided to come inside and deliver the gifts personally. In Sweden he also gets porrigde instead of milk and cookies which is probably also for practical reasons, you can’t work all night without a steady meal and can you imagine the sugar rush Santa would be on if all he got was milk and cookies all through the night?) Anyway, the point is that if I haven’t finished my Christmas knitting my December 24, I might as well give up, have a rest and finish later on (in Sweden, since the whole shebang is on December 24, December 25 is actually a very calm and restful day, perfect for eating Christmas candy, watch classic movies and knit)).

So, we have established that there might be time for one more project for me and that there might be time to knit it. The question is, what to knit? I feel that it has to be delicious. Maybe a Time for Coffee shawl in gray and gradient pink? Or an Afloat (for which there might or might not be yarn in the mail right now)? Or Rotor? Or a Crazy Stripes Tee, but I think I’m leaning more towards a shawl? It needs to be Christmas worthy and delicious so this is not an easy question. Luckily I still have some time to decide.