Tea-pee party


When I lived in France, me and my friend Lyndsey used to meet up and watch James Bond movies and talk all night. We ate chocolate and drank pots and pots of tea and since tea is quite diuretic (that’s a new word for me in English, it’s vätskedrivande in Swedish) we had to go to the bathroom a lot, thus these Bond Nites also became known as tea-pee parties. They were lovely and even though we don’t see each other that often anymore, we used to live fifteen minutes by foot away from each other and now it’s more than ten hours by airplane, we still drink a lot of tea when we do see each other.

Today has been a reminder of those tea-pee parties.  I’ve had more tea today than I’ve had in a long time (and believe me, I usually drink a lot of tea every day) because I’ve met with so many people today. I had tea for breakfast, I had tea with my mother, we had company for dinner and afterwards we had tea and then in the evening my friend Anna came and we watched a movie and had, yes, some more tea. Yep, diuretic I think the word was. It’s a small sacrifice though (I just need to remember to fill up with water before I go to bed), especially compared to Julle, who has been drinking quite some coffee today. He’s pretty… energetic by now…



Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? It’s lace sheep! Eva in my bobbin lace class made them and I think they are just adorable. And it’s such a good time for sheep, December. The best part is the fleece. It really looks like wool. Don’t you just want to knit it? I know I do.

We’re here now


I know I’m a bad blogger these days but for some reason I’m really tired all the time and I figure I better deal with that Before I do anything else. But don’t despair, I’m still knitting. As a proof of that I can show you my NaKnitMo counter, over a hundred thousand stitches. It was done yesterday which means that I have still six days to knit. My rate so far is about 25 000 stitches per six days so I should, if this fatigue doesn’t get the better of me, make it to 125 000 before Monday next week. Last year I reached 100 000 on November 30 (and here I was thinking that I might not be able to reach 100 000 stitches this year. Or, maybe this is the reason why I’m so tired). What if this isn’t unusual for me? What if I knit so much all year long, it’s just that I’ve never counted any other month than November before. What if I make 100 000 stitches or about that every month. That should mean that I knit more than one million stitches in one year. I need to go lie down now.

Yarn snuggle


Sometimes when I have a bad day think about all the yarn I have in my stash and I start craving it. I think that as soon as I get home I will pick out the most delicious ones in the brightest and prettiest colors (all my yarn is delicious in lovely colors but it all depends on the mood) and I will take those skeins and lie down on the couch and just snuggle with my yarn. I never do though. When I get home I take out my knitting and I make a few rows and that takes the edge off. Or it reminds me that I really should finish something before I start something new. My idea of snuggling with the yarn on the couch is probably because when I have that thought I’m always far away from a knitting possibility, the further away I am, the bigger the need, so to speak. It’s like the most delicious knitting is always the next one and rarely the current one. That is probably yet another reason to have so many projects on the go at the same time.



Tomorrow the next clue arrives for the MKAL and I have one finished dress front! That was the goal for this week and I made it. I’m all ready for the next clue and then it’s time for some sleeves.

It’s official


So, I’ve reached 75 000 stitches and I did it in 18 days. Now I’ve officially moved my goal up to 100 000. 20 407 stitches to go. That’s 1 701 stitch a day. That should work out, right?

Are we there yet?


Look, I have only 863 stitches left before I’ve reached my official goal of 75 000 stitches. This should mean that I will make it by tomorrow and still have twelve days left to reach a 100 000. This should work out, if it takes six days to make 25 000 stitches and I have twelve days left (after towmorrow), that should actually make 125 000 stitches but that’s so huge that I don’t dare think about it right now.

Up to speed


After a major knitting day, I’ve not done anything else except my homework, I’m finally up to speed. I’ve knit four rows on my Great Lace, which brinngs this week’s total up to a ten, and I’ve knit the twenty rows of clue #3 in my MKAL. This means I can get started to the knitting that comes after that knitting and I will have an easier week ahead since the MKAL is done. I’ve finished the back of this pink little beauty (isn’t the color just like raspberry sherbet?) and I’ve cast on the front. That’s what I will be knitting at home when I’m not knitting on the Great Lace and the sock-in-progress can continue to come with me outside the house. The afterthought heel that was left on the last pair of socks is done which also means another finished project. A good weekend, I must say, despite my sore biceps (actually, I kind of like it, it means I’ve worked them, even though they did make it a little harder to knit). Hopefully I can finish most of the pink front before clue #4 arrived too. Or maybe I just have a little too much confidence right now…