Fingers crossed


Somehow I’ve managed to catch a cold which makes me reluctant of any activity that doesn’t include lying down on the couch under a blanket. It’s hard to knit complicated stuff under a blanket and therefore this cone will have to wait. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow and so that I’ll have the energy to at least take it out of the plastic bag to compare the color with my lace to see if it’s right this time. Keep your fingers crossed!

Perfect match


Thanks to my darling Lyndsey there were some beads arriving to me yesterday. Beads in many lovely colors but most excitingly, or rather, most excitingly and surprisingly was the discovery that the red beads (yes, to the color police out there, it says red on the box even though I’m not sure I would actually call it red) that were intended for my raspberry red/pink shawl matches said shawl to perfection. (Again, to the color police, I know you say this shawl is red but I wouldn’t knit a red and grey shawl, I’m knitting a grey and pink shawl and since it’s my shawl and my knitting, I get to decide. Just go with it.) I hoped they would match but it’s always hard to match two things when one is a picture on a screen and the other is not. I don’t think this match could have gone better had I actually held the yarn in one hand and the beads in the other. Originially I was gonna do just plain transparent beads but I’m glad I didn’t and waited for this because it will be amazing. I can’t wait to get started!


Imperfect chicken

                                                                                                    Photo: Åsa Evertsdotter

Despite knitting (and finishing, mind you) a blanket, I’ve also had time to bobbin som lace. Right before Easter I started making a chicken. Or actually, I threaded the bobbins, since there were a million of them (during Easter I actually met some hens which later produced chickens, lovely, lovely, chickens, and they might have inspired me to go on with the chicken lace project despite all the millions of bobbins) . Then nothing really happened to that poor lace chicken untill the beginning of summer when I made half of it in one evening (again, making lace goes much faster than you would think, and it also goes much faster when you actually do it instead of hoping it would bobbin itself in the bag). Then it suffered from the lack of work space until this weekend.


On Sunday I took out my poor chicken again and realized immediately that me and this chick were not going to be friends. I wasn’t prepared for that since I really liked the hens that I met for Easter but the fact is that the bobbin lace chick and me had heavy disagreements on almost anything, you might say that the chick was kind of cheeky. There is a lot of bad karma bobbined into that one. Despite that I decided to actually finish it, explaining to Julle that it would be better for all of us (me, him and the chick) if I could just finish it that day and then be done with it. For some reason nothing was working out but I did finish and I totally admitt it’s bad lace making but since I know, and no one else does, what it threatened to look like, I think it turned out okay under the circumstances. It’s kind of cute in it’s imperfectness. Most important though, it’s finished.

Dark copper



This year I’ve joined a mystery knit along yarn club. Throughout the year I will receive in total five yarn kits and each kit goes with one mystery knit along shawl. The kit contains everything that is needed to make the shawl. I receive the kit and a few days later the knit along starts and the first clue arrives. Since I do have my mission of making at least twelve bigger projects for myself, I find that the mystery knit alongs really help me with that. Each clue doesn’t take that long and even if I’m on a deadline for something else I can usually squeeze in some mystery knitting.


So far this year I’ve made three mystery shawls and on September 1st the first clue for fourth one will arrive. I received the yarn kit last week. Sometimes we get to choose colors ourselves and this time I went out of my comfort zone and picked dark copper as my choice of color. It has arrived and I don’t think it’s for me but that was the plan all along anyway. The color is pretty and maybe it will actually fit me but it was intended for someone else from the very beginning, someone who will consider dark copper a stretch when it comes to color.


Me, I’m terrified of going back to last winter’s lack of color depression and since I’m usually a pretty colorfully dressed person, the dark copper would make me look like I want to blend in, instead of boldly sticking out as it will on the intended receiver.


In fact, I’m so terrified of a new lack of color depression that I’ve made a pact with Jenny that she has to warn me every time I reach for something beige, gray, brown, white, black or otherwise… I’m not going to say colorless but otherwise not hot pink. Or another color’s equivalent to hot pink.


My plan for January and February is to as bold as I possibly can. I will take what I think is colorful and then double or tripple it. We do not want another color attempt failure on our hands.

The dark copper might be stretching it but September is still a pretty colorful month and I Think I can handle it. I wouldn’t have done it if it was March though.


Earlier I’ve shown you two out of three mystery knit alongs for this year. The antimacassar and the slice of sun. The antimacassar was, by the way, also in a color that was no good for January.


This shawl is the third (or actually the second since it was the second mystery knit along (MAKL) but here shown as third) of the finished MKAL’s so far. It has color and I especially love the aqua beads against the pink yarn.

Pattern: Slip into spring by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Petal Pink and Aqua Ice.

Blocking blanket


I’ll let this picture speak for itself but as you can see I managed to find a big enough sink in the laundry room and the result of that is that my blanket is now blocking. Yay!

62 cm on the right side


Look at that! It is now Sunday evening and that is one finished green blanket. Towards the end I got worried I’d run out of yarn but I finished in the nick of time with only 62 cm (24,5 inches)  left. That was really cutting it close but the margins where on my side this time. Nine balls of yarn and no left overs. But one finished blanket. Now, how to block it? It doesn’t fit in my sink.

Blanket knitting again


Yep. Still knitting on the blanket. One of the advantages of knitting a huge blanket is that I can use it to warm my legs if the balcony door is open at the same time as I keep on knitting. And with that we conclude today’s blanket knitting reflections and move on to actually blanket knitting.

The Floating Baby


Remember how I got a little nephew in May? Well, as an aunt I take my auntly responsibilities very serious and I couldn’t let baby nephew arrive into the world without proper clothing (and as you might guess, the only proper clothes worth the name are handknitted ones. Or pretty dresses. Or…).


I spent all of Easter, when I wasn’t out skiing or eating yummy food, knitting for baby nephew. I’ve shown you two sweaters before and this is the third.


It’s perhaps a little warm for summer so I hope it will fit even later in the fall.


Also, the yoke looked a little funny to me but then again, babies doesn’t really have any shoulders to speak of, and I think this might be perfect for baby nephew in like December. Also, since the sweater is red, baby nephew will look very Christmas-y, he’ll fit right in. Put him in Santa’s lap and he will become cosmic, where you can only see his head and his legs since the torso will melt right into Santa’s coat. Maybe that will be baby nephew’s party trick – the Floating Baby (sounds a bit like a Sherlock Holmes case if you ask me).


Anyway, I truly hope baby nephew will enjoy his sweater, party trick or not, and that it won’t be too warm or too cold and that he doesn’t find it itchy.


Pattern: Antler Cardigan by tincanknits. Yarn: Drops Lima from Garnstudio. Color: the undeniable 3609 red.