Dream a little dream of me


I had horrible dream last night. I dreamt that I was helping children flee from some oppressors, or rather I was helping someone helping children flee. The children were able to flee, much thanks to me and a glass of milk (don’t ask me how that happened but the glass of milk was essential) and me and the person I was helping (he was not a very friendly person, I must say) were also able to escape by boat. But, and that is a big but, I forgot my yarn behind! And that not very friendly person didn’t understand my loss at all! We were able to rescue some, like a skein or two and a work in progress, due to a friend who was going to the borrow the boat, that had now turned into a submarine. The big bag of yarn though, was lost, and this bothered me a lot in my sleep. It also bothered me when I woke up and had to go looking at my stash to make sure it was all there. It was.

During the night the heat calmed down and it got a little chillier and windy and perhaps I felt that through the open window. Maybe I felt cold and started longing for my yarn and couldn’t find any. This might mean that is’s time to cast on something new. We’ll see.

Book booth


I just have to share this picture of an ex-phone booth that has been transformed into a book booth instead. I think it’s a great idea – phone booths are rarely needed anymore but I think they can be quite pretty to look at and instead of retiring them, they get a new purpose and I get to borrow books somewhere when the library is closed. Excellent!

Elusive again


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been a little elusive lately. That is true and it’s because I have a huge deadline on Friday – and it’s not even knitting related. It consumes all my time, I’m either working on it or I’m thinking about working on it. Plus it’s still a little too warm to knit, the wool gets sticky. So I’ll continue being elusive until my deadline and then there will be some serious knitting going on. That will be awesome.

To bake a cupcake

The heath continues. It’s lovely. We spent all of yesterday on the balcony together with friends. It’s simply lovely on the balcony, especially in the afternoon. Since we were having company I made cupcakes.


Chocolate of course! Also, I got to break in my new cupcake oven tin. It just made the whole difference, it was great. From now on I’m only making cupcakes in this size and with this oven tin.


The result was great but then again, what could go wrong now that I have my new oven tin.


It looks pretty cozy, doesn’t it?

In the paw steps of Peter No-Tail

This has been another lovely and warm day and I’ve spent it with a special friend of mine, F. F and I and F’s mother have been very culturally inspired today. We started the day with a guided tour of the paw steps of Peter No-Tail, a tailless cat that once lived in Uppsala together with some other cats, good and bad.


The books about Peter No-Tail are written by Gösta Knutsson who also worked in Uppsala. F was able to track down the street where Peter lives with his family and found a model of how it looks inside Peter’s cellar air-hole.


After we had heard the stories about Peter No-Tail we went to his theme playgrund where F was swinging and going on the slide and driving a bus. Then we had a picnic, a lovely summer picnic with fruit, sandwiches, juice, cookies and chocolate, everything you need for a picnic. It was a big day for F and after a while the stroller and binky looked very tempting while mommy and me sat down chatting.

It was a great day for all of us, a perfect way of spending your summer – friends and family, food, fun and a little cultural stimulation. What more could you ask for?

Neither sweaty nor sticky


This is a lovely summer. It’s warm and sunny and just lovely. The only tiny problem with that is that it’s too warm to knit sometimes. The hands are sweaty and the wool gets sticky and it’s not pleasant at all. Luckily I am a lady with many crafts in my repertoire. I just switch to something else. Today, since I was going to be out all day and didn’t want to bring a bobbin lace pillow, I chose a small cross-stitch kit and left and when I got back I had made a flower. There are a few more flowers before this is done but I’d say it’s good progress and – most importantly – it was neither sweaty nor sticky.

Outside the comfort zone


And here are the pictures of the finished shawl.


There isn’t much to say about it really, except that it’s hard to take nice pictures on a bannister and we probably won’t do it again.


It was also hard to make the travelling stitches. Not because they were particularly hard to make but because I kept forgetting them or made them in the wrong direction. I’m glad I know how to correct a stitch without ripping it all apart. I think I got it in the end though.


I really like how it came out after blocking. As I said before I especially like the border and how it’s two colors and points.


Also, there are beads! Everything is just a little bit better when there are beads.


Beads at the bottom and at the top. I went a bit outside of my comfort zone by choosing yellow for this shawl. I got some choices, since this is from a yarn and pattern club, and normally I would have gone with pink or green or something but something told me to be bold and choose yellow, so I did. It’s not bad, not bad at all.


There was one advantage with taken pictures at this spot though, the shadow that the lace pattern created on the wooden bars. Pretty!

Pattern: Summer Travels by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Stunning Superwash from Stunning String Studio, colors Pineapple and Lemon Ice.

Three quarters


Ta-daa! I said it was time to finish something and finish I did. My mystery knit-along shawl is no mystery anymore, nope, it’s finished and it’s really pretty. Also, it has a very interesting shape. I have literally knit three quarters of a square. How often does that happen? I wasn’t sure what the shape was until I had cast off and I was a bit surprised when I found out but I find it cool. Perfect to put around the shoulders.

About time to finish


It’s been a while since I finished something. I think the last thing I finished was a pair of wristwarmers about a month ago. Since then I’ve been knitting huge things, a sweater, a mystery knit along, a blanket, a shawl in need of beads and of course, my huge cobweb lace. They are all quite lovely projects but it’s time to finish something. I can feel it. I’ve started too look deeper in the stash, I’ve found people I think might need something knitted and it’s getting harder and harder to tempt myself with the works in progress. The cure usually is to finish something.

The huge lace is out of the question. I won’t finish that one on this side of the new year but hopefully within a year or so and I dutifully knit at least one pattern repeat on it every day (except while on vacation). I should knit more on it though if I’m ever to finish, There are 85 pattern repeats in the border edge alone and one a day makes for 85 days which is sometime in the middle of September from the day I started. Counting by today’s amount of pattern repeats I’m nine days behind. So yeah, this lace is not going to smooth my urge to finish something, someday soon.

The shawl still has no beads because, well, I haven’t bought any yet. There are some other urgent things that fight for my attention and are more important than going to the store to by beads so that will have to wait some more.

The sweater could be finished soon but there is that obsticle called sleeves and there are two of them and even though they are about three centimeters from being cast on, they are still sleeves and I’m not going to repeat the mistake and think I’m almost finished just because I’m starting the sleeves.

The blanket, oh, the blanket. It has been neglected for a while, mainly because it’s getting big and also heavy and I can’t seem to be able to do that lace pattern without screwing up even though I really should be able to. I doubt anyone will see the mistakes though (especially since I myself can’t, I just know they are there).

In the end I will have to put my faith to the mystery knit-along. The last clue arrived the other day and there really isn’t anything stopping me from finish it (except those other important things I have to do but perhaps it’s worth the feeling to just put those extra hours in and finish the shawl and then I can move on to those more important things with a lighter heart. It’s like in college when I had a big exam but also had a very catching book to read and I realized I’d better hurry to finish the book first because there was no way I was going to be able to put my soul into the international phonetic alphabet as long as this book was distracting me. I did finish the book, then studied and I aced the test so it must have been a good strategy). Hence, that’s what I’ll do, I’ll finish the shawl and then feel much better about everything. I might even be able to knit a sleeve.



Today we had a little visitor. S/he came out of nowhere trough the open door to the balcony, flew over my head across the apartment and ran head first into the bedroom window. We opened the window wider and wider and evetually, with some help from us, s/he took a last turn of the room and flew out. It was a nice visit but I somehow hope s/he is not coming back, I doubt it would be good for her/his nerves.