Run over


I have re-started my knitting with a new color combination, deep unrelenting gray has now been combined with an equally inrelenting pink, a much better match if I may say so. I don’t know if it would be more edgy with pink as the main color but I’ve already frogged this knitting twice and this way I can make matching wrist-warmers with pink as the main color. I didn’t understand how unrelenting this gray was at first but together with that other, lighter but dirtier pink, I got it, it was completely unforgiving and inexorable and took over that dirty pink, made it even dirtier, chewed it up and spit it out and completely ran over it. It was disgusting to watch. Now though, I’ve put another combatant in the corner to give the gray a more fair game. This pink will not be run over. I think it might actually work.

The long and winding road

Today my throat wasn’t sore at all which means that yesteday’s problems was probably due to pollen allergy. To be on the safe side I’ve had a calm day, it ha rained today so it wasn’t that fun to go outside anyway. Instead I’ve taken care of a little problem. You see, ever since we moved I don’t really have an easy way of wind my skeins. The table I used to use is no longer available and other tables and chairs are either too thick or not square enough. This means that there is a small shuffle every time a skein is to be wound. On Midsummer we had guests and all of a sudden I was without knitting and I couldn’t wind skeins to start a new one. Luckily I was able to find something anyway to save the evening but I also decided it was time to do something about it all.


Earlier this spring I bought two skeins of yarn to make myself a shawl. First I tried it with grey as main color and pink as a contrast and when that didn’t work out I switched to pink as main color. The grey is called Deep Unrelenting Grey and it sure is unrelenting because this turned out to not work either and when it was time to cut one of the colors I decided I’d rather frog it.


Instead I ordered eight new skeins in happy colors in hope of at least two of them would go well together. These ones have all had a week in the fridge and was let out a few days ago and I decided that today was the day to wind skeins into balls. I also had three other sets of yarn to take care of. We did the shift-round of furniture and got to work.


All in all I wound 19 skeins or 5320 meters. I am very happy with the result. In here there are two shawls, a wrap, a cowl, a slipover and probably a lot of other stuff as well. Now the question is which color will go with the deep unrelenting grey. Maybe pink, maybe green, we’ll see what happens. And which should be the main color?



I completely forgot to blog yesterday. I was occupied all evening and didn’t come home until very late. I think my forgetfulness is a sign that I need some rest. There has been a little too much to do, a little too much pollen in the air, and a little too much stress. Today I’ve tied up some loose ends and cleaned my desk and also had the satisfaction to tell an unfriendly and ungrateful person who had opinions about my work, that I basically didn’t care what s/he said because it wasn’t her/his place to ventilate opinions. All these tied up ends was a good way to end the week because now I my summer vacation is finally here. Many funfilled summer weeks of no work and lots of knitting. I will relax, hopefully enough to release the tension in my jaws. I have probably already started relaxing because my throat started to get sore late in the afternoon and even though I’ve had one pot of tea I couldn’t get rid of it. I am probably heading right into a huge summer cold. To celebrate my vacation and to make myself feel better I have surrounded myself with good things. I have tea, I have knitting, I have my prettiest new yarn and I have chocolate. I might also have ordered some more yarn and new project bags in a moment of giddiness. Now I’m just going to rest and let this cold pass and since I’m on vacation I have all the time in the world to wait it out. I just hope it will pass quickly.

The Great Lace Project

Do you remember back in April when I was struggling with some swatch problems? I don’t think I’ve ever swatched so thouroghly. I ended up with six swatches, three plain ones and three in the pattern, because it took me a while to decide on what fibers to use. You see, I’ve just embarked on what will be the Great Lace Project, GLP. This will be the biggest thing I’ve ever made, a milestone in my knitting career.


So far I’ve done one pattern repeat of the border edge. All in all there will be 85 pattern repeats of the lace border and then there is the body. This will be a huge shawl made from the thinest of yarn called cobweb. In the end the big shawl will still be delicate enough to go through a ring, a party trick that these kinds of shawls do, that have rendered them the name ‘wedding ring shawls’.

So far my shawl is a small little rag that, as all lace does, resembles withered salad. I will keep you posted on the progres.

Edge border:
1/85 done

The Midsummer weekend in food

This past weekend was the Midsummer celebration in Sweden and as with all Swedish festivities, we celebrate with food. On Midsummer, strawberries are obligatory but also lots of other food as well. I feel like I’ve been eating for three days straight but that’s not entirely true even though it’s not too far off.


First we had the making of all the food.


Remember back in January when I said I was sure I would make another loaf of bread in my life, I just wasn’t sure when? It turned out that Thursday June 19 was the day. I made the bread I always make, one that you don’t have to knead, you just stir it. It’s also healthy and very good.


Then there were quiches. I was so happy with my quiche Lorraine from the previous weekend that I made another one for Midsummer and also invented a broccoli quiche that turned out allright.


Then there were cookies. Chocolate balls, a favourite in this house, and some other ones that my mum brought.


And strawberries, on the pavlova I showed you Before. It was good but I wouldn’t have minded tha meringue to be a little more crispy. All in all it was a great Midsummer’s Eve but the weekend wasn’t done by that.


On Saturday we had left over quiche, fruit salad and much, much more and on Sunday we were invited for dinner at my mum’s where we also had a lot of good food.


And strawberries, this time on a chocolate cake.


Mum and I discussed china and hand-embroidered table cloths, all the while enjoying cake and tea. So nice.

What have you all been eating this weekend? I’m sure it was something equally yummy.




The evenings are magical this time of the year. After the rain the light is amazing and the sky goes from clear yellow to pink and purple. It’s simply beautiful.

Another short one


Another late evening with frugal blogging but I can assure you there has been more knitting today than yesterday and just as much good food. Ah, the food. Midsummer weekend is over and it was a good one.

Summer solstice


The longest day of the year. This picture was talen close to midnight last night. Tonight though it’s cloudy and I’m tired and have a weird ache in my shoulder that prevents me from knitting so I figure I’d better go to bed and see if I can get some knitting done tomorrow instead.
Good night!



Happy Midsummer! We’ve had a lovely day with lots of food and goodies and of course, the on midsummer obligatory strawberries.

I hope you’ve all had a great day!


Last time I told you about deliciousness overload and it seems like that wasn’t the only overload I met. It turned out that Tuesday made me really tired last night and I fell asleep without being able to do anything of what I had expected to do. Blog was one thing. Finish clue #3  on my mystery knit-along was another thing. None of this happened and instead I though I would be really alert today but that is not the case. I’m still tired and sleepy and I have a budding headache that I don’t want to acknowledge.


So what happened on Tuesday? Well, few things make me feel so grown-up as driving people to and from the airport. Now, I’m not going to the airport looking for people to drive home, that would be almost kidnapping and also difficult to combine with a full-time job, but when my friends need a lift, I’m happy to help out. On Tuesday Agnieszka was due to come home from the States and I was ready, both for her to come home and to go pick her up. Since I am my mother’s daughter I made sure I had plenty of time and I arrived safe and sound at the parking lot. Apparently there were quite a few people who had the same errand at the airport as me because there were a lot of cars in the parking lot. I must have only subconsciously noticed this because I saw a parking space and I went for it. It was only when I was in the middle of actually parking that I realized that apparently this was the time I had thought best to learn how to parallel-park. It all went well though, probably because I didn’t stop to think what I was doing and thus never had time to freak out.

At the airport I had some time to kill so I took out my knitting to entertain myself and one pattern repeat and half a thumb’s worth of decreases the boards told me that Agnieszka’s plane was approaching. I put my knitting back in the bag and went to stand closer to the door, a little held back by a huge group travel from Frankfurt who had decided that just in front of me was a great place to meet up. I got great directions to where their bus was parked (it was apparently white) since their guide was quite loud and I’m pretty sure that if they hadn’t moved toward their bus by the time I got a text from Agnieszka confirming that her luggage had arrived and that she was heading my way, I would have taken on the role of escorting them to their bus (still the white bus behind the other bus) which might have been a little risky since it’s been a while since I last took German.

Well, the Frankfurt group travel must have found their bus because they left without my assistance and finally I had a clear view of the door through which Agnieszka came mere moments later. It was a sweet reunion and I’m so glad that we are in the same country again. We put her luggage in the trunk of the car and drove off.

Once we were at Agnieszka’s street it was again hard to find parking and Agnieszka suggested a spot along the street but by then I thought I had practised paralell-parking enough for one day. I might take it up again someday. Or maybe not.


Agnieszka also brought the yarn she helped me pick up last Friday. It was a good color and soft and nice and I’m sure I will make something nice out of it. I find it hard to come by nice aran weight in Sweden, I don’t know why. Maybe this could be a business concept…?


When I came back home I had a notification from the post office that I could go pick up a box. A box of yarn. The best kind of mail (except letters from Lyndsey, which I also happened to get on Tuesday, yay!). I think that even the box looks delicious. That might also be because I know who the sender is.


The box contained an order I made a few weeks ago when I had a knitting attack and realized I could not possibly continue with the work-in-progress such as it was. The colors were wrong.


Now though, I’m sure I will find something that goes better with the pattern and the main color. After all, I have eight new delicious skeins to choose from. I’ve put them in the freezer while I’m thinking it through. I will choose carefully, it would really be horrible if it turns out later that I have to start over once more.