Today this…


…emerged into this…


…which is still lying on my linvingroom floor, creating a huge mess and it’s late and I don’t have the energy to take care of it. It’s a mess and like most messes it’s messy.

Luckily something very good came out of this mess. Today we finally got this.


A closet! It’s a crappy picture but that is a huge closet! Now finally I have somewhere to put all my clothes and can start unpacking the boxes that are left. It will be awesome! It will have to wait till tomorrow though, I’m going to dig out my bed from under all the tools and that’s all the work I’m going to do today.

Good night

Back in business


Today has been a more productive day than yesterday. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to knit much but at least I know what to knit, that’s always something. And it’s quite delicious too!

Dirty colors


Today is a holiday in Sweden and I thought I was going to make tons of progress on tons of things. I didn’t. Instead I’ve been tired and uninspired. I’ve nothing to knit and I have no yarn. I think this is disappointment over my latest knitting. They yarn is lovely to knit with but the colors don’t work together, it looks dirty. I’ve tried it, I’ve alternated the main color and the contrasting color but nothing works. What I should do is change the whole thing but not tonight. I need to think about this for a while. And work on some other crafts in the meantime.

Sunday at the allotment


This past weekend we’ve had gorgeous weather and since I had to finish my exam during Saturday, and therefore couldn’t enjoy the weather as much as I wanted to, I took the opportunity to spend Sunday at my friend Heléne’s allotment.


Spring has really done wonders with the nature, it’s green and beautiful and flowers everywhere. Birds are singing and the lilacs shower you in the most amazing smell.


We had cookies and tea in the garden and sat there all afternoon while the sun set slowly behind the apple tree. That’s the thing I love the most about Sweden in the summer I think – the light. You can go out and take a walk late in the evening and the sun is still shining.


My new-found semi-fascination for gardening is still limited though and I’m so far still more interested in looking at beatutiful gardens than making one myself, which is another reason why I really like allotment areas, there are beautiful gardens everywhere and I can take long walks all the while watching beauty everywhere.


Well, we didn’t only just have tea and cookies, most of the time was spent working on our projects, Heléne crocheting and me sewing labels and knitting. I thought it suiting that I brought a project that matched the garden.


Sun, flowers, cookies, knitting – it was the perfect summer day.



This year I’ve joined a yarn pattern club. Every few months I receive a package containing the yarn I need, beads or other things that might be needed except for needles, and then, a couple of weeks later I get the first clue of the pattern. Because yes, all the patterns are mysteries. I receive a clue once every week for about seven weeks and then my shawl is finished (granted that I actually knit the clues too).


In January I got the first yarn package, a lovely icy blue. Even though it was a lovely blue and the softest yarn, it might have contributed to my feelings against blue earlier this year (it’s weird, I love blue and want to knit it all the time, it seems like right now it’s my go to color, but I’m sick of it at the same time, which is just crazy).


The pattern, the mystery pattern, turned out to be a mix of cables and lace and beads and the shawl has an almost circular shape.


It was, most often, fun to knit, and to make sure I actually knit it I gave myself a deadline for when it should be finished. I added a few rows of garter stitch at the bottom, as I’d seen others do and then blocked it. I like it but I don’t love it, it is pretty but hard to wear since it’s so much going on that it’s hard to match with anything. Also, it’s too short. I am tall and even though I’m not particularly square-sholdered I think it looks a bit ridiculous on me, a Little bit as if I’ve decided one day that I’m an armchair and have therefore put on an antimacassar, you know, something a little frilly on top to protect the chair from getting contact with people’s heads.


I think that if I would just make it longer it woul look better but those last rows are over 500 stitches and since I’m not sure it will fix the antimacassar feeling, I’m reluctant to start it. I also think that part of the problem is that my very sensitive neck prefers shawls that can be wrapped around said neck instead of lying antimacassar-ly below the neck. Maybe I could just give it someone a little shorter than me or just try to get over it, perhaps it will look better with a white summer dress?

Pattern: Divergence by Cindy Garland. Yarn: Decadent Fingering from Stunning String Studio, color Wild Blue Yonder.

(Today’s word is totally antimacassar, it’s not often that you get to use that word. For those of you who doesn’t know what an antimacassar is, here is an explanation. The ones I’m thinking of are more along the lines of this.)

There are stashes and there are stashes


So, they are redecorating the balconies around here and they have put a little catch on the balcony door so no one will go out and fall down by mistake. The other day was a very warm day and when I looked out the window I was surprised to what the neighbour had put on their balcony (observe that they have broken the catch in order to do so). There was a box of yarn. Apparently my neighbours like yarn too and enough to fill a whole box. I figure I’ve just run in to somebody’s stash.

Three things ran through my mind.
1. There is a yarn crafts person on the other side of the wall, that is intriguing.
2. If this is somebody’s stash, I better not show that person my stash or I might find myself a skein or two short.
3. Why put all your yarn outside on a lovely day? Did it need a field trip? Why? Or worst case, did it contain uninvited habitants? Because in that case it was really irresponsible of the other yarn craft person to put a contaminated stash just a few feet from my balcony door, which leads to my livingroom in which I house my stash.

When the third thought had gone through my head, that’s when I closed the balcony door and decided that maybe I don’t have to be in such a hurry to befriend this fellow yarn crafts person.


Sneak peak


Here is a sneak peak of my lastest knitting. That is a picot bind off, 205 little picots and an equal amount of needles. In a few weeks I will be able to show you all of it but for now you’ll have to settle for this sneak peak. I can tell you this though, it’s big and it’s lovely.



My exam is done which, as long as I’ve passed, means I have no more studying to do this semester. I’m going to take the rest of the day off.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Princess blues


Earlier this year my darling Princess Lyndsey turned 30. I wanted to make her something cozy and comfortable, elgant but also useful. She’s a mother of two, the little one is not even a month old yet, and since I knew she would be carrying a small baby in her arms this spring, I wanted to make her a shawl that was big enough to wrap around her back, warm enough so she wouldn’t need a sweater with it, elegant enough to wear in public and at the same time something that was wearable and warming but not in the way of breast-feeding.


I came up with the Luster shawl by Amélie Bernier. It’s lace but not too much lace, it’s elegant but not too elegant (by that I mean that it is totally wearable in public without anyone being ashamed of how it looks, it can even be nice at a party but it’s not that elegant that you have to be scared if someone, probably a very small one, happens to throw up on it), it’s made of worsted weight so it’s warm and it’s big enough to wrap around you and the little someone in your arms and most of all, because of all the reasons listed above, I hope it’s useful.


It was very fun to make and it was a quick knit. The bottom two repeats used up more blue yarn than all of the repeats above and I thought I had to use a third skein, but it was okay, two was enough (which means I have a skein of delicious blue yarn left, ah, the possibilities).

I really hope it will be useful. Happy birthday, Lyndsey-bean!

Yarn is Malabrigo Worsted, colors Jewel Blue and Lettuce.

Winter pics

So, I’m making progress in my studying, yesterday I turned in my last essay (let me tell you, it was a really good one, I’m really proud of myself. To understand it, it requires that you know about Swedish culture and history, Polish culture and history, feminism, the mentality of some people from northern Sweden, a Swedish news correspondant in Poland and the books that he writes, Polish politics, Swedish politics, European politics and that you can read and understand Swedish. My essay has a very limited circle of intended readers but to those readers, I’m the king) and tomorrow the exam starts. I will be quite elusive till at least Sunday.

I see no one, I knit nothinh and all I care about are how many pages I’ve read. The only social interaction I’ve had, besides co-workers and partner, is this.


A cat. It looked at me suspicously through the window. I looked equally suspiciously back. Then it continued walking. I continued reading.

Since there is still not much knitting going on I will continue to show you finished projects that I for some reason haven’t shown you before.


Like these. These are fingerless mitts made for Agnieszka. They look super weird if you just look at them lying on a table but once you put them on they make much more sense.


They are really pretty and I made them before dark blue and gray gave me shivers in late January. They were a part of a bigger knitting project of making sure Agnieszka is not cold this spring, on the other side of the ocean where I’m not close by and can throw knitwear at her faster than anyone can say double-pointed needles.


The pattern is Sky Blue by Star Athena. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock, color Persia.



Other parts in the bigger plan of keeping Agnieszka warm was this cowl.


Pattern Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West. This is my third go at this pattern. I’ve got it out of my system now.


Then there was this hat. Pattern Antler Hat by tincanknits. Yarn for both cowl and hat is Malabrigo Rios, color Sunset.

I might be showing you winter pictures right now to keep my mind from the fact that it is many degrees warm and all my summer clothes are still in boxes but that’s okay since I can’t enjoy the weather anyway since I have to study. That might be it.