The Stash once more


Once me and my friend Agnieszka discussed my stash. When can you say that a new yarn purchase belong to the stash? I sometimes need to buy yarn for a specifik project and if I start that project immediately I don’t the yarn have time to end up in the stash. But what if I wait a day to start my project? Does my yarn become stash yarn? The core question is: how long can you have yarn before it becomes part of the stash?

My answer to this is that it depends. Yarn with no designated project end up in the stash quite immediately. Yarn with a designated Project but with no time plan for when it will be cast on becomes stash yarn after, let’s say, a month or two. Yarn with a designated type of Project, let’s say a baby sweater, but with no intended recipient (for example because the baby isn’t even conceived yet or is conceived but I don’t know about it) also becomes stash yarn right away.

Then there is that yarn that has a designated project, a time plan and a recipient. That yarn never ends up as stash yarn, no matter how long it takes before I cast on. As long as there is a plan, the yarn doesn’t belong to the stash. If I change my mind though, and the yarn is no longer part of a plan, it becomes stash yarn without further ado.

It is also a question of location. Before, when my stash was hidden under the bed, it was pretty obvious when something became stash yarn. When I no longer kept it around close to me and instead made the effort to pull out the stash, then yarn became stash yarn. Same thing if I didn’t pick something that was lying around, in a bag next to my armchair for example, but instead, again, pulled out the boxes from under the bed, that’s when I went digging in the stash. Back then it was so much more obvious what was stash yarn and what was not. Now a newly bought skein end up in the stash immediately, which shelf depending on color and weight, and it’s no longer obvious what is truly stash yarn and what only shares a shelf with the stash yarn. We’ll see if this new arrangement will change how I look upon my stash. The future will tell.



I got some very interesting yarn today. The inside of the yarn ball is bright red and purple while the outside is green and yellow. This is very interesting and the ideas simply florish. We’ll see what I end up making in the end but I’m sure it will be delicious.

The Stash continued


Yesterday I told you about the undecided yarn in my stash, yarn that was bought without an intended project or thought. Some yarn is simply baby yarn, yarn that’s supposed to become a baby attire. Other yarn is simply Ina yarn, something for me, perhaps a shawl or sock depending on the quantity. And then there is yarn for other people, most often with a specific pattern in mind that I’ve been thinking of making (it’s extremely hard to make that yarn into something else if it already had a designated pattern, even if I’m not ever casting on that project), but not always, sometimes is more of yarn that I’ve bought to make socks or wrist warmers for someone else. Good-to-have-yarn, so to speak, in case of a birthday or an unexpected party or even Christmas. I am also extremely categorical – yarn that was intended for me will always be for me and yarn that was intended for someone else will always be for someone else. It would feel wrong to use that for myself. Some yarn though, like random sock yarn can be either for me or for someone else, as long as I make socks from it.

And then there is undecided yarn. Yarn that I bought because it was pretty. That yarn is most often for me but that’s often as far as it goes. What if I make something out of it and later realize that I should have made something different? What if I can’t find more of that yarn if I knit it. If I knit it, it won’t be yarn and I won’t have it in my stash anymore. The rest of the stash would feel lonely. I can’t do that to the stash, can I?

Not to mention the yarn that is too pretty to knit. I once got a wonderful bubble gum pink skein of a delicious yarn and it’s so delicious that I will probably never find a pattern worthy enough for that skein. At the same time there is yarn in my stash that is too ugly to knit. Back when I was not as experienced as a knitter I got yarn without knowing what I like the best. It was in great quantities but I saved it till I was a bit more experienced. Now I’m more experienced but also more picky about my yarn. I would feel ashamed to give away something knit from that yarn because I know how bad the quality is. It would be more of a punishment than a gift to give it someone. So, what to do with it?

Then there is the question of when you can actually say that a yarn has taken a place in the stash, but again, that is a question for another day.

There is still room in my stash


I ordered some yarn today. It sometimes feels like I shouldn’t do that, I mean, I have a decent stash, do I really need more yarn? (The answer to that question is always yes, by the way.) I aired these thoughts today and I got the answer that obviously I should have more yarn, there is still room in my stash. And that is true, it’s not full. Not at all.

Then there is different types of yarn in the stash. There is yarn that was bought for other people and there is yarn that was bought for me. I see  lovely yarn and I think that it should look gorgeous on a baby, or a friend of mine or someone else and then I see some other lovely yarn and I think that it would be perfect for me. For some reason that’s whe it’s decided and it can’t be changed. Yarn that was intended for me can’t be for someone else and the opposite.

A lot of yarn is also ear-marked for an intended project and I have big problems to change that thought. If I have to borrow the yarn for another project I can’t rest until I know that yarn has been replaced so I can still make the project it was intended for in the first place. Unfortunately this also means that I have to buy new yarn quite often since I come up with new projects that I want to make. This is also the reason why I sometimes try to buy some yarn that has no intended project, so I can acctually use it some time.

On the other hand it’s a little scary with virgin yarn, completely undecided and I can do whatever I want – but what do I want? Well, that is a story for another day.



I’ve picked up an old knitting from last October, something ghat go lost in the Christmas knitting. It’s about time I get it done so I’ve worked on it tonight. It feels like vacation after those over-500-stitches rows on my last project, this shawl has a mere 250 stitches. It still looks like withered lettuce though, like all lace weight lace before it’s blocked. I try to have confidence that it will come out all right on the other side of a future block. Granted of course that I actually finish it this time.

Back in business


The blog has been down for a couple of days but we are finally back in business. In the meantime I have finished a shawl that I’ve been knitting between scenes during our performance of our play. This weeks performances are over and now we have a few days off before we do it again next weekend.

We’re re-decorating our bedroom this coming week and are therefore put our bed in the livingroom. Therefore I can’t block my new baby until we are back in the bedroom again. I simply can’t fit my blocking mats anywhere until the bed is back where it belong. Blocking is easily done though, it’s the knitting that takes time. Over 500 stitches during the last rows. It was good measurement though, I was able to finish one row between my two scenes. Now, till next weekend, I need to find a new knitting with the same amount of work so I know when I’m needed on stage again. I don’t think that will be a problem though, finding a new knitting. I’m good at stuff like that.

Opening knitting


Opening night. Theatre premiere. Everthing is hectic behind stage. The director believes the clock is one hour later than it is and tries to hurry everyone. Make up, hair, clothes. Remembering lines. Whispering in the set pieces. Everyone on the edge. Small mistakes covered up. A forgotten prop. Tip-toeing invisibly. Knitting between scenes. A lot going on at a theatre that the audience doesn’t see. And later, success, relief, breathing. It’s over, the audience leaving, the theatre darkens, everything calm and empty.

Till we meet tomorrow again.

The reluctant knitwear model


For weeks now I’ve been pestering Julle

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for an opportunity to take pictures of his Christmas scarf. He has always been very yielding and said that yes, we will do this. Soon. Today I was tired of waiting and when I saw an opportunity I seized it and caught him in a weak moment – he had just walked up many flights of stairs and was a little out of breath.


This scarf, that I myself think is delicious, is the Purl Ridge Scarf by Stephen West. It’s a quick knit and I managed to do it in eight days despite the fact that I could only knit when either I or Julle wasn’t at home, meaning that I could knit it when I wasn’t at home but instead at a place that Julle wasn’t or when I was at home but Julle wasn’t. He almost caught me once when I had to quickly throw the knitting into my project bag an then act as if nothing had happened. I could tell that the yarn was still visible but I figured that as long as I didn’t draw attention to it, he wouldn’t notice. I was correct and when he left the room I quickly hid all the evidence.


The scarf is knit in Malabrigo Rios, color Zarzamora. It looks really good and I it goes very well with Julle’s other winter attires.


I modified it to make it bigger by adding six pattern repeats.


I’m glad I was able to get some pictures of Julle and his scarf. Soon there will be spring and no more need of a merino scarf. Judging by the weather today it might take a little longer before that happens than we expected in the beginning of the week. Still, one can never be sure when it comes to weather.


Lace preparations


There’s a new lace on the bobbins. I haven’t got very far, it takes quite a lot of time to thread the bobbins and get started. A lot longer than to cast on a knitting, or even wind a skein or two. Once the bobbins are threaded it’s a little tricky to get them all working into the lace. A least in knitting there are only two needles, here there are multiple since all bobbins come in pairs. This lace has only fourteen pairs, the shoe had 16. The biggest lace I’ve made had 21 pairs but I’ve seen laces with over a hundred bobbins. That’s quite amazing.


After all the preparations I only managed a few moves but all the bobbins are working and things will speed up a lot from now.

That will have to be another evening though, it’s late and I need to go to bed.
Good night!

Harmless piece of string


Imagine you and I are sitting among a group of friends. We’re having tea and cookies and have a generally good time. I take out my knitting, like I always do when I have a moment to spare. You lean forward to take a closer look and I show you what I’m doing. You admire the color, telling me that you have a sweater in that exact color, it’s beautiful. I agree, it’s lovely. I continue knitting and then I add a bead. You lean forward again to see what I’m doing and I show you and now you notice there are quite a few beads in my knitting. You tell me that beads look like a cool thing and then you say it. You open your mouth and tell me that you would have chosen beads in another color, that would

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have been better.

This is where I’m not longer sure what to answer. Why are you telling me this, that you think other beads would have been better? Are you expecting me stop what I’m doing, give you a big hug and say “thank you, thank you, I’ve been waiting to hear what this knitting really looks like, I can’t believe that no one told me before, now I will immeadiately frog it so I can change the beads and start anew”. I think this is pretty unlikely, don’t you? Or, is all that talk about you having clothes that would look good with this knitting and then telling me it doesn’t look good a sneaky con to make me give it to you? Well, what makes you think I will finish it now that you’ve told me it doesn’t look good?

The thing is, if I had bought a new and expensive sweater and showed if off, would you tell me the color is pretty but you think it would have looked better with a v-neck and 3/4 sleeves? It’s not like I will frog my knitting now and it’s not like it was intended for you anyway, so why do you feel the need to tell me that the beads should have been in another color? What I’m really wondering is what gives you the liberty to criticise my knitting? It’s done nothing wrong, it’s just a harmless piece of string put together in various ways of knit and purl stitches. Do you know how much time I had to spend comforting my knitting? That’s not my idea of an ideal knitting evening.

Yeah, I don’t understand the need to tell me what’s wrong, in another person’s opinion, with my knitting without me asking or us discussing color choices and what works and what doesn’t. What does anyone get from it? I probably won’t frog my knitting, no one else will care and the person saying it, well, I don’t know, feel good about themselves? I simply don’t get it. But then again, that’s just me.