Personalized cables

It’s the last day of January and I have one more project to show you. In reality I have three more projects to show you but two I don’t have pictures of yet (and one of them is packed in a box somewhere and I don’t really know where so we’ll have to wait a while on that). This piece of beauty below though, what a masterpiece. I think it’s a worthy ending of the month and on a Friday too, how about that!


This is my mother’s Christmas sweater with the wonderfully inspired name Double-Breasted Pullover by Cathy Payson.


It’s knit in Cascade 220 from Cascade Yarns in the color Burgundy.


I made a little innovation when it came to the front cables and didn’t realize it until I had started on the sleeves but I think this is better. It’s more personal this way, don’t you think?


There are no innovations on the sleeves though. Or rather, there are no innovations on the sleeve cables.


The sleeves themselves became puff sleeves due to mysterious reasons that only the knitting goddess knows. I think it added a little more character to the sweater.


There are supposed to be buttons on both sides of the sweater but I wasn’t sure my mum wanted that so she got brass buttons on the side. She liked the buttons so there are now one row of five buttons on each side of the cables.

It looks really good!




We have a little workshop here in the apartment today. I’m not involved. I was wise enough to buy bookcases with four little devices for each shelf that can easily be attached to the walls of the bookcase and the shelf is placed on top of the device (as long as you don’t lose a device when moving the bookcase and replacing the shelves, which I haven’t so far). Thus, I have already put my bookcases together. These bookcases above, on the other hand, seem to require a lot more work and a drill. Things that require a drill need more work than things that don’t require one, that is a truth universally acknowledged (or it should be). Well,

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it’s drilling a lot over here so I’m pretty sure even these bookcases will come together nicely pretty soon.

Until they do, I’m going to sit on the couch and have my own little workshop with my needles and my yarn. That’s my reward for not losing the devices for my bookcase shelves.

Spring cables

I told you was going to showing all of my knits from last year before the end of January and January is almost over, ergo I need to hurry up!


This is another pair of the Spring Cable socks by Elinor Gray.


I used Strømpegarn Jacquard Magic from Hjertegarn, in a color with the very inspiring name 7694.


The yarn is very pretty but I think it would have been better with a

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more solid color for this pattern, the cable disappears a little.


Well, anyway, I like them, they are pretty, and that’s what the recipient has told me as well. What more could you ask for?

Hooked by yarn


I was going to write a totally different post tonight but then I had the opportunity to look at absolutely all my yatn today and I couldn’t help it, I had to cast on a new knitting. All the inspiration that came over me just by looking at the yarn, I think we should be happy I’ve only cast on one project so far. It’s good to be reminded of your yarn every once in a while, I’ve gotten a lot of ideas of what to make for all the little babies that are arriving this spring among many other things.

But, all this inspiration has made me want to do nothing tonight but knit so that’s what I’m going to do. Have a lovely knit night!

Late night philosophies – teapot and tulips


I’ve searched through boxes today and I finally found my teapot just two

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minutes before my friend Anna came by for a cup of tea. Happiness was total, earlier this week we couldn’t even find the tea (actually, we are suspecting that a darling mother might have swiped it, which is totally okay but it was a little boring to drink water while the others had coffee) but now we had pot too boil water, infuser, tea pot, cup and actual tea. I have never before thought about how many items you need to make a simple cup of tea (with some sort of style, I realize that technically you only need something to boil water with (and the water itself of course) and tea leaves and then you’re good to go since you can drink from the kettle and either swallow the leaves or sieve it through your teeth, but so far I’ve never reach that point in my tea abstinence).


I haven’t found my hat and mittens yet though. Anna gave me these beautiful tulips which made me think spring is not far away but I realize there are many weeks when hat and mittens are required before I will see tulips starting to bud. I’ll search again tomorrow, I don’t believe anyone swiped my hat (come on, it’s handknit, I would recognize it anywhere so the swiper could never wear it. My co-worker once recognized Julle due to his handknit hat. To a knitter handknits are never inconspicuous). So, hat and mittens must be here somewhere, probably in the last place I will look, as they say (well, because when I find it I will stop looking. Wouldn’t it be fun though to be able to say that something wasn’t in the last place I looked because I continued looking after I found it? Like I have five places where I will look, no matter if I find the item in the second or third place. Hm, I probably should go to bed before I get too far off the track with my semi-philosophical train of thoughts).

So, to conclude:
1. teapot found,
2. hat and mittens not found,
3. spring is far away but
4. tulips are a little piece of spring in the middle of January and
5. I should go to bed.

I also think it’s important to point out that today’s blog post

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title contains an alliteration.

Knit on, my dear ones!

Lost in relocation?


It’s a chilly day in January and I have re-located my stash among other things. I know I last saw my hat and mittens on a table inside the door. That table has since been removed and my hat and mittens are supposedly inside one of the many, many boxes. My question is, is it faster to search through all the boxes or to knit a new hat?



Ah, look at that, a nice big box full of yarn. Easy to carry with its lovely content. Or is it? Actually, yhe whole box is full of books but you can’t tell from just looking inside. The poor dude who is going to carry it will have an unpleasant surprise. S/he picks ot up, thinking it’s light and a piece of cake but oh, man, is s/he fooled, the box is really heavy. It’s full of pattern books and let me tell you, those are heavy. Big and heavy. A nice little paperback book is light and a box full of those is easy-peasy but pattern books, really heavy.

I’m fast becoming really tired but therr

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is no rest in sight so instead of going completely crazy, I entertain myself by making these little teasers for people. Come to think of it, I might actually already be mad.



Today has been a quite cold day so I got to use my handknit socks inside my shoes. I’m pretty pleased to be a knitter right now. Come to think of it, I’m always pleased to be a knitter, it’s a good thing to be. Especially on a cold winter’s day.

Those blogless days


Some days are just bloggless. Days when you have nothing to say, nothing to show, when you just want to sit under a blanket and knit till you fall asleep. Days when you feel you make no progress, not moving forward and inhabits an eternal lack of inspiration. Should you try to blog anyway? Is that necessary? Would anyone be interested in a day when you have nothing to say?

But if you don’t blog on those days, is there anything that indicates that you have more to say tomorrow? If you let yourself slack, will you ever get back? If you don’t blog in many days, the pressure of a really good post when you actually do is overwhelming. But again, what if you don’t have anything to say? Nothing new knitted, nothing started nor finished.

No one is always just happy and content with everything and I think we all have blogless days, they are a part of life that you need to have to really appreciate the blogfull days. Perhaps we should just embrace those days and recognize them for what they are – blogless days – instead of reading so much into them that you start defining your whole life from them. Just because something isn’t good right now, or even tomorrow or in a week or two, doesn’t mean that life in general is defined by this. I am not the same person I was 30 years ago (actually, I was more of a foetus formed out of 30 cells, tops, exactly 30 years ago but let’s say 29 years ago) and I won’t be the same person in another 30 years. (I mean, come one, I was a pretty good screamer 29 years ago (or so I’ve been told…) and now I barely scream at all, at least not unidentifiable yells that no one understands (if I scream now, you’ll know why). Who knows, in another 30 years I might have taken up whispering. Who would have known? Or, I still talk like I do know, but mostly in another language because I’ve moved somewhere far away. I mean, two years ago I had no idea I would start learning Polish and look at me now.)

My dad once asked me if I remembered that he had a lot of headaches in the 80’s. Since I was only five when the 80’s became the 90’s, I had no idea about this, but the important thing here is not that he had a lot of headaches in the 80’s (even though that must have been horrible and I feel sorry for him that he had those headaches), but that they were in the 80’s. Not in the 90’s and not in the 70’s but in the 80’s. In the 70’s he hadn’t gotten them yet and by the 90’s he had gotten rid of them. Few things stay the same forever (well, obviosuly it still sounds awfully terrible to have a decade full of headaches and I can’t imagine how bad that must have been for him, especially while having a toddler at home and not a very quiet and timid toddler either, but the headaches disappeared and the toddler got older (I absolutely do not think those things are related, not at all!)) and that’s the important thing here, your whole life is not defined because of one bad evening or one bad week or maybe one bad year. Not even by one bad decade. Just because I haven’t baked any bread in over a year doesn’t mean I’m no longer a person who makes my own bread. I can start again, when we least expect it and I am absolutely convinced that I will make another loaf of bread during my lifetime. I just don’t know when.

I once heard of a knitter who got aches in her arms from knitting so she quit. She had a rest from knitting for more than 15 years and probably thought that she would never knit a single stitch ever again. Then one day she picked up her needles and off she went. Her arms had stopped aching and she didn’t get it back. Did she stop being a knitter? Perhaps (unless you believe that once a knitter, always a knitter), but she became one again.

So, just as the bloggless days will go away, and probably come back and then go away again, I will make another loaf of bread, someday when we least expect it (probably while procrastinating something else) and in ten or twenty years I might realize that growing cabbage is my life’s goal, we don’t know. But we do know that things never stay the same and that life is not static. Just because something is in one way right now and you don’t see any changes on the horizon, trust me, they are there. They will come, no matter if it’s a different job, a new hobby, new friends, old friends coming back, a renewed hobby or just a loaf of bread.

I think this is a very comforting thought. I know this means that I won’t always stay happy but it also means that I won’t always stay sad and after a bloggless day (or two, or three or a week) there will be a bloggfull one. I know it.