From Warsaw with love


There is something about travelling during winter time. The light is different and if you go by Christmas time you get to look at all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Warsaw really delivers when it comes to Christmas decorations. There are lights everywhere and it’s so pretty.



We went up the Culture Palace and looked at the view. The weather was sunny and nice and we could see far away.


We also admired statues.


The Christmas light on the Royal Route was amazing and different parts of the street had different types of decorations which makes it excellent for tourists to know where on the street they are if they happen upon it from a side street.


There where also bigger decorations, like this Christmas gift. We also saw a huge Christmas tree ball, a throne surrounded with presents, Christmas trees and the light fountain I showed you a few days ago.


Speaking of Christmas tree balls, we went into Bombkarnia, a store that sells glass baubles all year around. A glass babule is called bombka in Polish and we’re trying to collect as many as possible for our Christmas tree next year. Six big ones came back to Sweden with us and they are so pretty I wish  could put up a Christmas tree in late January instead of waiting till next year. There is something about sparkling and glittery ornaments. It makes me happy as pretty things tend to do (I guess that’s part of things being called pretty, that they make people happy).


We went to the Wedel confectionry and bought chocolate.


Buying chocolate is also a good way of learning a little Polish. I picked up the word for raspberry – malina, which is a good word since I happen to like raspberries a lot.


The waitresses wore gorgeous aprons lined with lace and I’m a bit bummed I didn’t get a chance to look closer at the handcaft, but it sure was pretty.

We’ve had a lot good food, the best was a starter at Polka restaurant – bigos with bread. Bigos is a kind of stew and was served in a bowl of bread which was really good. Ah, the bread! The best dessert was served at Wedel. I mean, just look at it!


Chocolate soufflé with raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Delicious!


Served with hot chocolate. I felt like Goldilock, Julle’s chocolate was too sweet, my mother’s was too bitter and mine was perfect, just perfect.


One evening we went to the opera to watch the Nutcracker, a great ballet. I like that there are both scenes with a lot of people and a lot happening on stage and that there are also some pas de deux‘s. This performace was pretty classic but that’s not a bad thing, not at all. The dancers were really talented and the conductor was very impressive. I particularly like the scene in the livingroom with both children and adults. The music is stirring and there is a lot going on, a lot to watch and many different dances at the same time.

The costumes were gorgeous. You can go so much further on a stage than you can in real life, therefore I enjoy making theatre costumes. There is no less is more. Why use five sequins when you can use 50? Why wear only a dress and a hat when you can also add gloves and a parasol?


The absolut best thing though, on this very great trip, was the knit meet at Magicloop, but that deserves a post to itself.



Today’s word is winter but there is absolutely no winter in sight. We had a weekend in the beginning of December where there were snow but it melted away quickly and ever since all we’ve had is rain and the occasional sun. No snow, but I managed to take this picture during that one weekend. I’m quite disapointed actually, I want some real winter.


We’ve just gotten back from a few days in Warsaw. It has been lovely and I will write more about it tomorrow. But now, I want to knit, I’ve had a long day and due to my experience last time I went to Warsaw, I didn’t bring my knitting on the plane so now I feel a bit knit deprived.



My Internet connection is really slow so I will have to wait till tomorrow to show you my yarn purchases from today. You can see three of them on this picture though, three balls of Filcolana Indiecita in red. Red is also the word for today and above you can see the outfit that I wore for tonight’s performance of the Nutcracker at the opera – minus the yarn. It was a lovely show and I got a chance to wear my new Christmas shawl for the first time.

Ok, time to see if the Internet connection will allow me to post this. Talk to you soon!


WIP. The letters stand for Work In Progress and I find it fitting that that’s the word for today. Yesterday I started what I think will be the last project of this year – a shawl for me. It’s purple and greyish purple and I really wish to be finished by New Year’s.


Hopefully it will be a big warm shawl for every occasion.

Today I’ve been watching views and lights and I think lights are a big part of why I love Christmas. I mean, look at this!



How can you not be happy when you look

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at that? It’s just standing in the middle of the sidewalk looking pretty. All day I’ve found pretty things like that. I’m a total sucker for decorations, especially Christmas themed decorations. I even chose high-school based on the Christmas decorations. I really love when people walk the extra mile just to make something beautiful for other people to look at. It’s a lot like knitting, you walknot just a mile but hundreds and hundreds of miles just to make something beautiful.

Now I’m going to knit s few roundsbefore it’s time for bed. Tomorrow I’m going yarn shopping and I really want to be clear in the head and awake for that one. It will be awesome!



As a lucky coincidence today’s word is hat and guess what I happened to finish today? A hat! It’s gorgeous and I love the colors and I wish I could show you more but it’s late and I don’t have a proper camera around and it’s not for me. I think I will have to get me some more of that yarn though. #yarnpadc

Earlier this month I mentioned how I wish next year’s Christmas decorating will turn out. This picture above is Agnieszka’s tree. It’s absolutely stunning and I really want one for myself one day.

Today I got one step closer to a perfect Christmas tree. These are bought in the only open-all-year-around ornament store in Poland. I’m not sure I can wait till next Christmas to put them up though, I might have to make a test round around Easter…



Today’s word is tradition. For quite a few years now my friend Agnieszka has hosted a get-together on Boxing day. It’s a great time, tea and cake and nice people and conversation. It’s a nice little tradition that I hope we will keep up for many, many years. This year I started a hat when I got there and when the hat was finished I figured it was time to go.


Also, look what’s blocking! My Christmas shawl is finished! Now there is only a shawl left that needs to be done before New Year’s. I am cautiously optimistic.

Lunch and Christmas movie

I mixed up the 24th and 25th in the photo a day challenge. The 24th was supposed to be Christmas movie and the 25th Lunch but I did switched them.


My way made much more sense to me though. In Sweden the whole Christmas shebang happens on the 24th, starting with a lunch of traditional Christmas courses like pickled herring, meatballs, sausages, ham and much more.


On the 25th though, it’s a day of relaxing, playing with your Christmas gifts and watch movies. It’s a calm day and I like it very much. I’ve spent today knitting on my shawl since I desperately want it finished by tomorrow morning so I can block it tomorrow. I have this shawl, a hat and another shawl due before New Year’s. It’s doable. I think.

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you’ve had a day of joy and plenty of knitting.


I’ve made good progress on my Christmas shawl and there will be more knitting tomorrow.


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we say in Swedish: god jul!


Today’s word in the Photo A Day – challenge is family. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, a time when family are gathering. For some people though, Christmas is not a happy time and neither is the thought of family. There are way too many broken homes and lonely people and to a lot of people Christmas means nothing but anxiety and nuisance.


This year my family became smaller as a significant part of it passed away. This is the first Christmas without my father and that is weird, to say the least.


I’ve spent the day at my mother’s place. My cold is still going strong and my nose is so red I’m giving Rudolph a match. I’ve been sitting on the couch with my feet up high, writing the verses that are going to be on the Christmas gifts tomorrow. There is a tradition that there should be verses on the gifts and me and my mum enjoy it a lot. I know some of the people that are a part of our Christmas are not as amused but I like it.

So I’ll finish now with one last call –
Merry Christmas to you all!


A lot of nice things has happened today, which is a good thing since today’s word is nice. #yarnpadc


Sheep are a nice thing. They give wool of which you can knit. This particular sheep happens to be made out of marzipan which is another nice thing so this is sheep is double in niceness.


Beside the sheep I have a very important thing to tell you. I am now officially done with the Christmas knitting. Yep, done. Not a single stitch left to make. Not a seam to sew, not an end to weave in. Done! Do you know what this means? This means it’s Ina time in the knitting department. I have one more project left to do for myself this year. Tomorrow I will wound a pair of skeins and cast on. I can’t wait. I also need to wrap presents.


Tonight though, it’s Christmas baking time. So far there are two types of cookies and a candy done. Two types of candy to go, then it’s time for bed. I need that.