Today I’ve been told by a jeweller that I have small earlobes. I corrected her and said that I have practically no earlobes at all. Which is true, I have no earlobes, but that’s not a problem, I can fit earrings in there and there is nothing wrong with my hearing which is all I care for. I’m glad that the jeweller could speak freely about my lack of earlobes without it being condescending (something that a girl named Frida could not do when we were in junior high) and we agreed on what earrings would be best with said non-existing earlobes.


Discussing earlobes is not all that I’ve been doing today, I’ve done plenty of other things but I haven’t knit that much and this being November 30 means that this is the last day of NaKnitMo. Hence, I should get on with my knitting. It’s still possible to do, it just needs to be done. I have no regrets for not doing this before now though, I got to spend the better part of the afternoon cuddling a baby so I’m good.

But now,

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back to the sock.

I told you I would


See?! I told you I would knit on the second sock tonight! I’m almost done with

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the leg part, only seven more rows and then it’s time for the heel flap. I think that could count as good progress, don’t you? These seven rows will have to wait though, I’m pretty tired.

Good night!

Prettiest yarn wins

I caved! As I told you yesterday I was dithering between starting a new project and keep Agnieszka from being cold, or being high-principled and finish one project before starting another one.


Well, the rule is simple: the prettiest yarn wins. In this case it was easy, I have just finished a sock so I know about that yarn by now, it’s not new and therefore interesting anymore, and the other yarn for the new project is delicious and darling (you should really see it, dahling, it’s dahling!) and the project is new and also didn’t seem to take too long to finish. So, I caved. Of course I caved. In the end it was the only possible ending for this dilemma. (I should mention though that I did graft the first sock before starting the cowl and once the first repeat of the cowl was done I cast on the second sock and kit the cuff. Oh, and I did actually weave in the ends of the finished sock. That should totally rend me extra credits) I could say that it’s because I don’t want Agnieszka to be cold but, although that is true of course, the real reason for this choice is that prettiest yarn wins. Always. No matter what, no exceptions. Prettiest yarn wins.

I’m almost done with the cowl. Only six rows left. Then I’m back with the sock. I promise.


Your everyday life is full of choices. Sometimes you make good choices and sometimes you make bad ones and it’s hard to know before what will be a bad choice and what will be a good one. For example, if you plan to be a little efficient, which is a good choice, and make a little detour to the copy machine on your way to the bathroom at work and you run into three co-workers, whose lives apparently absolutely depend on your immediate effort, and a forth one who just wants to talk without waiting for you to answer, then the detour to the copy machine was a very bad choice for your immediate well-being and you might have to end up suggesting that your co-workers talk to each other while you do what’s best for you at the time. Had these people not chosen the copy machine as their hunting grounds for you, then you would have been very efficient and your choice had been good. It’s impossible to know in beforehand.


I’m standing in front of a similar dilemma knitwise. I’ve promised my friend Agnieszka I will make her a cowl and hat to match her new winter coat but I’ve also my Christmas knitting to think of (and after yesterday’s post it seems I have more sock lovers among my friends and family than I could imagine). Today I got the yarn for Agnieszka’s things and it sure is tempting to start. But then again, I’m in the middle of a sock. On the other hand I don’t want Agnieszka to be cold. On the third hand it won’t be fun if people had to open Christmas gifts with the needles still in them. On the forth hand…

Ah, choices, choices. We’ll see what I come up with in the end, something that works well for everybody, except perhaps for some of my sleeping hours. But then again, compared to knitting, that’s a worldly thing, as Karlsson-on-the-roof would say.

The reluctant sock knitter

A few years ago I was quite the eager sock knitter. I had just learned how to do it and made socks for everyone, babies, parents, relatives, friends, charity. Plain, good socks. The problem was that no one I know uses knit socks every day and not just when they are at home and their feet happen to be cold. Therefore you can’t really knit socks that often to people, not if you want your hand-knits to be worn. Don’t get me wrong, people loved the socks but they only needed one pair each and my eagerness sank sock by sock.


About a year ago I realised I was about the only one I knew who didn’t own a pair of socks by me. I decided to do something about it and this pair was, together with four pairs of wrist warmers, the only thing I knit for myself last year.

I’ve read in knit blogs and podcasts about how people love knitting socks and does it joyfully and at length. I’ve been

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curious about this love of sock knitting and for my birthday I got some lovely knitting books which contains a great deal of socks.


Hunter Hammersen’s The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet vol. 1 and 2, the patterns are lovely and some of the pictures are Swedish!


Because of this I’ve decided to knit socks again but this time I want them a bit more fancy than before. I thought it best to go out slowly and so I’m making a simple cable on my sock (no, they’re not for me, they are a Christmas gift for someone) before I dare dig into Hunter Hammersen’s lovely patterns.

(The last part isn’t really true, I’ve never known enough about knitting to get too scared to do anything when it comes to knitting, (for example, I started knitting lace by making a lace sweater for myself without knowing a single thing about lace), and I wouldn’t hesitate this time either but I needed a pair of socks and decided to make something more interesting than a plain sock, inspired by Hunter Hammersen but her patterns are a little too lacy for what I had in mind. Next pair though, will likely come out the curiosity cabinet.)

NaKnitMo continued

Remember how I told you about the NaKnitMo? Where you decide on an amount of stitches that you are going to make during the month of November. It took me eleven days to finish my goal, 35 000. which aparentely was too low to be an actual challenge.

Last year I was actually afraid I wouldn’t make 30 000 sts but eventually ended up with abput 40 000 due to massive knitting the last weekend. This year I thought that 35 000 was good progress from last year. I was wrong. Aparentely I have enough knitting time to fill and ocean, even though

I can’t see it myself (I mean, I never have any time at all to knit, honestly).

Now, with barely a week left of November, I have decided to spice it up a bit.


This was my counter as of yesterday. As you can see I’m only 18 151 sts from making 100 000 sts and I have 6 days to complete this, including today. To make it to 100 000 sts I need to do 3025,16 sts every day until Saturday. This is doable if I plan a little and unless I get headaches that prevent me from knitting. 3000 sts per day would also make quite a big chunk into my Christmas knitting (provided I actually use these 18 000 sts on Christmas projects). You see, it’s a win-win situation!

I’m not really sure it’s a win to make it to 100 000 sts, nothing will happen except that I will feel good about reaching my goal, my knitter friend’s with less knitting time than me might feel jealous or at least think I’m lucky to have that much knitting time, non-knitters, friends or strangers (even though I hope my non-knitter friends will have more sense than that) might think I have way too much spare time, it can’t bee healthy to spend that much time on such a simple task that doesn’t do any good. Or they might shrug and congratulate themselves to a life much more interesting and useful than mine (yeah, those people will never get anything knit by me and if they already have gotten something they obviously don’t appreciate the hours and hours I’ve spent making them that thing and will therefore never receive another! Yes, I can be both vengful and rancourous, beware!).

In my opinion, 100 000 sts in 30 days should be honored in every single way possible. I might actually deserve a prize.

Let today’s 3025,16 sts begin!

Cookies and tea


It’s been a weird weekend and not really what I had expected. The number one thing I really wanted to do was to knit but there hasn’t been much knitting at all. I’ve done other things and fun things but I have not really knit. This Sunday evening though, I have

many hours ahead in which I could knit but guess what, I have a headache. And I can’t seem to get rid of it. It makes it harder to knit since it makes everything harder. I’ll see if it gets better soon. Till then I’m going to try to knit and also eat some cookies. Tea would be good too.

Wrong kind of progress

So, I told you that I rewarded myself last week by casting on a delicious shawl. Well, it seems I rewarded myself a little too much and also the project was a little too delicious because it turns out I have worked on this a bit more than was planned.


Actually, a lot more…


But now I promise I will get back to the Christmas knitting, I really will. I’m just going to block… But then, honestly!

Book mail


This arrived in the mail today, Alice Munro’s Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage. Alice Munro is the 2013 Nobel laureate in literatur. I’ve never read anything by her before but we decided to look into her work in my book club and here I go. So far I’ve only been read about three pages but I like what I see. I also like that it’s set in Canada, it makes a difference from a lot of other books. On the first page a woman is going West to Saskatchewan and since I’ve been there once it made me feel welcomed by this book. Now my expectations of content of this book past page three are pretty high and I really hope it delivers. This fall I’ve been a little scared to read something unknown in case it would contain things that are heavy, my well-being is horrifically fragile sometimes and I don’t always know what will throw me over the edge. This has meant that I’ve re-read a lot of good books, but it would be nice to read something new for once. I think this might be it. Cross your

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Today huge things have happened and only one of them was partly knitted related. One of these things is the very pretty, golden and sparkly rein-deer that you can see above. I got it from my friend Anna, who doesn’t like chocolate but still made me a chocolate cake despite the fact that she has a two months old baby to take care of. Have I mentioned that she is a sweetie?

One other huge thing is that in a not too far away future, I will have much bigger storage for my stash as we are relocating both stash and bobbin lace pillows. It’s all very exciting and I know the stash will love it. I’m pretty sure the bobbin lace will feel the same. As will I.