Knitting Attack II

If it wasn’t enough last week with lack of knitting time, I also had a few knitting attacks. I have started on a new hat and all went well, I did the ribbing and got well into the pattern.


When I realized that there was something missing. I had happily knit on, I’ve done two of these hats before and I felt confident. That’s usually when you should stop, take a step back and look things over.


Yep, I had forgotten to change needles after the ribbing was done. Ribbing was done in 4 mm needles and I should have changed to 5 mm needles.


There was nothing to do but unravel and start over from the top of the ribbing. Since knitting time was limited it felt like it took forever before I had recovered and gone past the place where I figured I had gone wrong the first time.


I got some rows done at the book club though (you can see my cookies there too) and yes, I’ve never used a cable needle, that’s a match that you see to the left in the project.


Tonight at theatre rehearsal I got even more done and now I’m confident with my project again. Please note that my project is in the theme color

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of this fall, orange. We do like orange this year. Preferably together with lime green. Not in this hat though, that would be too much.

Highly efficient

Phew! This day has been highly efficient. I knew I had to finish my application since it’s due tomorrow and also I needed to bake because it was my turn to bring cookies to our book club meeting this evening. This stressed me out and for a moment there I was thinking of out-sourcing the baking to Julle.

I’ve had people looking over

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my application and given me comments on how to improve it and I’ve tried to follow their directions which might have led to making the application worse for a while since you really need to kill your darlings in order for a text to work. I sent it to a friend who thought it was unclear and I sat down to work on it today. Then I realized that the best thing to do was to send it to my mum. She’s a Swedish teacher and is really good with language, she’s not familiar with the field that my application works within, if she could follow the application it would mean that it is distinct and clear.

I edited my text for a few hours, killed some darlings and sent it to mum. While she proof read the application I hurried to make some chocolate chip cookies. You know how you sometimes just can’t do things fast even though you want to but and sometimes it just says swish and you’re done? This was a day of swish. During the two hours it took mum to read the application (it’s many pages and she is thorough) I had the time to finish one pattern report of my lace in progress, release a shawl from blocking, make chocolate chip cookies, and wind two balls of yarn.


It then turned out that the application seemed pretty distinct after all, mum thought it very clear, which gave me a couple of extra hours. I’m going to read it again tomorrow, when I have fresher eyes and have rested some from the text. Hopefully it seems good tomorrow too.



Then the efficiency continued. I got a new yarn box for the purchases I made this summer and spent a lovely time organizing my skeins in it.



I just love how my stash boxes look like. All that lovely, delicious yarn. I just had the time to pat it and cast on a new project before it was time for my book club. Now I’ll knit some rows before bed and tomorrow I’ll use my fresh eyes to look over the text one last time. I look forward to submit the application so I can get my knitting time back.



As I mentioned yesterday, the sweater I started two weeks was blocked last week. It was a quick knit which was lucky because the color resembles dishwater if anything and is quite boring (I’ll tell you why I picked it another time) but will fill it’s purpose I think.


Apart from the dishwater sweater I’ve also finished two shawls in a dark and brownish color and if I look at the projects I’ve cast on this week, it seems as if I’ve had some kind of penned up need for color.


As you can see, there is quite a contrast between new projects and the old one. Colors, colors, all I want to knit is colors. Happy colors! I remember a children’s book when I was a kid about a world that was all gray and boy that was tired of all the gray and decided to paint the world in all

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kinds of colors – red, orange, blue, green, yellow. Then there was some kind of authority who told him he had to stop painting which made the boy even sadder. In the end he met a girl in a blue dress and a red hat or something, she was wearing colors and they became friends and then the world was not so gray anymore. I’m pretty sure I needed something different after this color deprevated period and that shows in my knitting. So, I’ll embrace my need of color and keep on knitting.

Blocked and unfinished

Before the Internet access went down and everthing got crazy with Polish classes (I’ve handed in my homework, I’m still king of verbs) and application writing (I think it’s actually worse now than when I started but it’s sort of on the way to greatness) I blocked three projects in three days.


First a sweater. And a little sheep!


Then another sweater. It looks like an aeroplane, a very suitable image in this home.


And finally another shawl.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been any time to finish any of these projects after blocking so now there is a little pile of knits that need work and that work is not knitting. I’m much less interested in that part than the knitting part so we’ll see when I get around to do something about it. I’ll keep you posted!

Dobry wieczór!*

*Good evening!

Yeah, I keep being non-knitting, Polish studying and application writing but I feel much better than last night at least. Last night I studied and wrote for six hours and then all of a sudden it was time for bed. I didn’t knit a single stitch yesterday but today has been better. First of all, I have Internet access again! Yay! And, I’ve handed in my homework for my Polish class, perhaps it wasn’t the homework I’ve studied for the most in my life but more than 90 % was correct and considering this crazy week (I mean, no knitting, come on!) I think that’s a very good result. I hope I’ll catch up in  a couple of weeks when my application is done and I’ve also done my pronounciation test (I got some coaching from Agnieszka today which helped a lot). Also, I’ve written a good part on my application, which feels very good, I’m on to something, I hope. I’m still glad I have a few more days before it’s due though.

The best part though, I had a meeting today and I managed to knit twelve rows on a shawl at that meeting. That was probably necessary for my peace of mind. Now, I’ll see if I can make another few rows before it’s time for bed. I simply don’t work very well if I can’t knit at least a little every day and I need to function tomorrow if I am going to do some more of that greatness on the application.

Knit on!

Gdzie ty jesteś?


I’m sorry about the non-existing knitting in this knitting blog lately. Well, at least yesterday and today. You see, I still don’t have any Internet access and even though we’ve solved this with a quick and dirty solution, I need to make up for the lost time yesterday and study for my Polish class. The title of today’s post means “where are you” and I would have written “were is the knitting” if only I had known how to (this title is probably wrong to but I trust my Polish speakers to correct the mistakes) but for now let’s just say that I’m asking where the Internet access is.

I can tell you that the verb is correct though. It turns out that so far I’m brilliant when it comes to Polish verbs. I guess it has something to do with struggling for many, many years with French verbs and now being able to see a system and to quite easily detect what we’re dealing with. Perhaps it’s true what they say that the more languages you know the easier it becomes to learn a new one. Unfortunately for me I know Germanic languages and a Roman language but this is my first Slavic language so my previous knowledge isn’t of much help. Besides perhaps the verbs. But I guess it could have been worse – it could have been a Finno-Ugric language and that’s not even a barely related language family.

So yes, me and Polish verbs are so far very content. So far there is a regularity that I very much appreciate (I know, there are irregular verbs as well but so far there’s method in the madness, or regularities in the irregular. Try French where even the regular verbs are irregular somehow and it wasn’t until I bought the best book ever made – Becherelle, La Conjugasion – that I had any chance of structure). Me and the Polish word order on the other hand, not so much. That could just be the computer though, since it’s a computer who correct all our exercises (now you see why I need the Internet, it’s an online course) it’s a little petulant when it comes to correcting translations.

This week will be a little busy since I have a huge application due Monday and also my Polish homework due Sunday (and it seems like I still need to eat and sleep despite this!). Perhaps there won’t be much knitting time left (eeeeew) but at least the good thing about deadlines coming up is that you are soon past them. Next week I have a Polish pronounciation test too, but to sweeten the deal I’ve also been promised newborn. Not to keep obviously but at least to watch and maybe poke a little (in a gentle way of course).

So yeah, I’m sorry about the non-existing knitting but at least you can be sure that if you’re not getting any, neither am I.

Radio silence II


Internet is down which is real bummer since I wanted to study for my online Polish class. Now this is impossible so I did what any knitter would do – I cast on a new project.

Neutral colors hat

Some years ago I had a little hat mania and made hat for a lot of my friends and myself. It was an excellent hat for me, since I have a lot of hair that I often wear up, I need a hat that can fit all that hair without looking weird. The answer came in a hat that had little foldings in the back which which tilted the crown of the hat backwards and thus made it big enough to fit my hair but without it looking like a lot of hat everywhere. Since I liked the hat I also gave it to my friends.

A few weeks ago my dear friend Lyndsey told me that she had lost her hat. She had worn is so much over the years and brought it with her everywhere but now it was completely lost. She was very sorry about loosing it and asked if I could make her another one. Of course I could, if no one ever lost their hats or mittens or scarves, or if no washing machine ever ate a sock, knitters would be out of work. Plus, you don’t want to know what happened to my hat. There was dirt after a winter’s use and there was a washing machine and then there was much less of a hat but at least the dirt was gone.

I asked Lynds what colors she wanted and she said that any neutral colors would do. Now, I am not really a fan of neutral colors. They tend to bore me and make me sick of a project much quicker than non-neutral colors do. I thought and thought what colors I would use and then I thought that if I, instead of thinking “neutral”, thought “classic” I would have a much easier time choosing colors. This worked out much better for me and as you can see below, the result was great!


This is 5013 Veck i nacken by YlloTyll.


The yarn is Drops Karisma from Garnstudio, colors 19 Vit and 55 Ljusbrunmelerad. I think it looks quite elegant. Can you see what I mean with the crown being in the back instead of on the top of the head? That allows for a lot of hair.


Here are the little foldings, it’s such a genius idea! A perfect way of keeping the style of the hat in place instead of relying on yourself to be able to put it on right every time and minimizing the risk of having a hat reseambling Santa Clause’s, minus the color and the pompom.

I think the hat looks great and I hope Lyndsey will too!

Knitting attack I


There is a segment in the Knitmore Girls Podcast called Knitting Attack, about when knitting attacks, basically. A knitting attack is when there is a major trauma concerning the knitting, something goes terribly wrong and you have a hard time recovering from it, either physically as in your physical knitting, or mentally. I figure that I have a lot of knitting attacks myself and should therefore make my own theme of knitting attacks here in the blog.

Today’s knitting attack is perhaps not a major trauma, it’s more of an example of one of those times when the universe pull a prank on you. I always knew that one day I would feel like I could pick up that sleeve on the toddler sweater again. You know, the one I abandoned back in June. One day I would feel that this was exacty what I wanted to do and it would go so easy. Apparently that day was today. I was having coffee (tea!) with my friend Vio and reached into my knitting bag to pick up my knitting. I almost surprised myself when I pulled up my hand and instead of holding the shawl-in-progress I had a red toddler sweater missing half a sleeve in my hand. Well, when destiny does this to you, you shouldn’t fight it but embrace that this is apparently the day that you will continue on a sleeve.

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So I started knitting. After a few rows I realized that something was a little off and for some reason I checked my knitting needles. One was a size 3 mm, just as it should be, and the other, it turned out, was size a slightly skinnier 2,5 mm.

For the past few months the sweater has been hidden on the bottom of my knitting bag and from the beginning it had all it needed to be finished – book with pattern, stitch markers, two sets of knitting needles and so on. But during the summer I have gradually taken those things out because I needed the space for other knittings, a book here and a knitting needle there and it seems that I have taken out two knitting needles but without checking to see if they were the same size. They weren’t and therefore I sat there today at the coffee shop with two different sized needles.

Well, you can’t fight destiny and if this is the day that I continue on that sleeve then I’m going to continue on the sleeve so I knit with my two different needles as long as we were at that coffee shop and I’ve decided that this is okay, maybe one sleeve will be a few millimeters shorter that the other but really, who will notice?

I took out another size 3 mm needle when I got home though, universe and destiny with all due respect but the toddler in question deserves a sweater with equally long sleeves.

The Ladies Marmelade


Today I’ve finally tried the apple marmelade we made. I made scones and met with Shrimpie and Shrimpie’m mum and we had a real tea party with tea, scones, cream cheese and home made marmelade. The marmelade was great, gosh, I make such good marmelade! I need to do this again!


The scones was really good too. Shrimpie had a great appetite and sat in my lap and ate and I don’t know how many pieces of scones disappeared in that little belly. Shrimpie also wanted to try the marmelade but needs to be a little older before that can happen. Well, Shrimp was happy as a clam anyway (pun intended!) and had a great time playing with us on the couch. Apparently plosives are fun to say and a lot words starting with plosives came out of that little mounth. The word for the pacifier was the most popular one.

Also, I got to help Shrimp’s mum with her knitting and judging by the interest that Shrimpie showed in yarn and needles there is a little unreleased knitter hidden under that onesie. I’ll teach you when you get bigger, sweetiepie!