Leg warmer


It has been a rainy but still nice day. The morning was sunny but by the time we were going out the rain poured and umbrellas and raincoats were essential.


We went into town to have dinner before we went to Parkteaterns (Park teater) performace tonight with the stand-up comedian Marika Carlsson. I’ve seen her before and she is just amazing. You get to laugh, you get to cry and you can decide what kind of person you want to be in the future, the one who looks away or the on who acts.


It didn’t stop raining until about an hour before the show started and it was wet everywhere but I could sit on my raincoat on the ground so that wasn’t so bad. Also, this being an outdoor show, I could knit without having problems with the light and without disturbing people around me (even though I don’t know how anyone can be disturbed by knitting but I’m sure there are one or two out there how thinks it abominable.


The first half hour was a little chilly but then it got better, probably because the rain had really stopped and the sky was clearing up.


The best part about having a half finished knit jacket with me was that when I got cold I could just put it in my lap to warm my legs. That’s some seriously nice wool there so my legs were warm and cosy. Yet another advantage about bringing a knitting with you everywhere you go, it fills its purpose to warm you even when it’s not yet finished.

I’m pretty sure you are kind of tired to see that knitting again and again but what can I say, I better finish it before summer ends because by the beginning of September all I would want to do is cast on something red or orange, colors that I don’t care for at all right now when there are pink and blue flowers everywhere. So you’ll have to bear with me for just another few weeks.


There were also some boats.

Now, I’m back on my couch and I will try to make as much progress as possible on my pink jacket to finish it as fast as I can so you don’t have to look at the unfinished thing here on the blog for much longer. Then I’ll be wearing it so people who meet me in person will have to look at it instead.

Back-up stash


I have relocated for the week, not far and not away but to another place I sometimes call “home”, and as most knitters, the first thing I did was to plan my knitting and then pack it. What to knit and what to bring? Estimate how much yarn I will need for the next few days. There are a lot to take into account. What will the weather be, do we have a lot of no-knitting-possible activities or are we pretty open. What if I get bored with the project(s) I’ve brought and really start wanting another one? Or should I deprive myself from more interesting knitting so that I will actually make some progress on the one that need some work done? They say hunger is the best spice and maybe that’s true about knitting too. If I really don’t have anything else to knit on, how long will it take before the urge to knit is greater than the reluctance towards the project?


What really concerns me is that I have to leave my stash. I know it will most certainly be safe where it is and that I will meet it again in a few days time but still, what if I really start to miss the sock yarn under the bed? Yarn is comfort, especially the non-knit yarn (yarn that is actually still yarn instead a garment made from yarn) and what if I need the comfort that only an unwinded skein of hand-dyed merino can bring? Not to mention what I should do if I run out of yarn for my project. The solution is obviously to bring yarn for every contingency but sometimes you have to be realistic, there is a limit to how much I can knit in a few days, even if it should rain everyday for a week, or a snowstorm would make it impossible to go outdoors (not that there are that many snowstorms in July but you can never know about August, that’s a deceitful month who irritatingly often seems to forget that it’s actually a summer month and therefor should really stop flirting with September).

The best would be if I had a back-up stash. A small but well-equipped stash that has everything from wool to cotton, from lace to chunky. That would really be something, because even though yarn doesn’t weight that much, it take up space i my bags. Space that could be used for, let’s say a warm sweater should the aforementioned snowstorm actually happen.

Or maybe I should just try to keep to one place at a time.


How to help cure a sad knitter

Today was one of those days. You know, one of those days when you start to cry inexplicably just because you’ve been through something hugely sad some time ago and that hugely sad thing keep affecting your every movement and every feeling and situation that you go through, for a long time afterwards. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out what causes the tears and sometimes you have absolutely no idea and it’s better that no one asks why you cry because you don’t have an answer, it’s just one of those days. Today was one of those days. And to add stone to burden, I had a headache.

Despite this I have managed to do the laundry, put clean sheets in my bed and cleaned out and tidied up the shirt shelf in my closet (the messiest shelf but not anymore!).


had some errands in town too so after the laundry was done we went down town. Someone had scattered the pavement with small silver heart and it was quite adoable.


It helped ease my mind a bit, you know, the random beauty of life that you need to be reminded of sometimes.

And lo and behold, the day went better: First I found an adorable shirt that will perfectly match my latest knitting project and also, I found a yarn sale! It was only cotton yarns that were on sale but I have found that if you stay in a yarn store long enough you will find something that you can’t bare not to have in your stash. The longer you stay the more you find.


I was there for quite some time but I stayed with the yarns on sale and scored more than 20 skeins for a very reasonable sum. Now I have ideas for many, many baby sweaters (I figure that even though I have done my share of baby sweaters this year, I’m sure there will be more next year and as I’ve said before, babies grow so it’s good to be prepared. Plus, maybe there won’t be any more yarn when I decide I want to knit for a baby next time, or mabe I get the most inspiring sweater idea that must be realized immediately despite it being two o’clock in the morning or five in the afternoon on Christmas Eve (maybe I’ll get beautiful Signature knitting needles for Christmas and must try them out at once (yes, in Sweden Santa comes knocking on your door in the afternoon on December 24th))).


The day continued with chocolate dessert, something you definitely deserve on your sad days (and most other days too).

Also, on our way home from the yarn store, Julle explained how he likes looking at yarn and how he feels comforted when entering a yarn store, especially in the winter. He went on to tell me his plan for how to best store my stash, when we move to something bigger, in an illuminated book shelf with glass doors so as to get maximum exposure while still protecting the stash from dust. Am I in love, or what?

Now, I’m going to watch as another knitter, Miss Marple, solves a dreadful crime while wearing the prettiest of hats, while I make some progress my cardigan.

Across the linen ocean

It is still very warm even if we did have some rain in the evening. It wasn’t much though. Instead, since it was too warm to do much else, the crafts studio on the veranda has contiuned.


Rein-deer in Evening Sun has contiuned to progress and is coming along very nicely.

With even warmer weather today I didn’t even try to take out my knitting and started to prepare to do some cross stitch instead. A few months ago I found a very pretty cross stitch picture in a magazine and I got it as a gift from my mum. It is a huge flower bouquet with flowers in every color and also some bugs: butterflies and ladybugs and bees and so.


As mum said today, we must have forgotten to look at the size of the finished picture because when I took out the linen fabric to start by mark the middle of the fabric and sew around the edges to stop it from unravel, it turned out the whole thing is huge! And by huge I mean monstrous.


The thing is 140 x 140 cm big (55″ x 55″) and I thought it would take me forever just to mark the middle. It didn’t though but it’s kind of hard to handle.


Since you usually start a cross stich in the middle it means I have 70 cm (27½”) of fabric to get around in all directions from where I start. That’s a lot. Not to mention when I need to turn it to weave in the end of my thread.


I did get started though and even though this picture will take a long time to finish, I think it will be worth it.

Arts’n Crafts Craft


Today has been just as hot as yesterday and we created a craft studio out on the veranda of my mum’s house. I knit on my never ending cardigan while Julle started his soon-to-be famous painting “Rein-deer in Evening Sun” (granted that you understand that by evening sun I mean cloudy noon time). We also had som cherries.

Tomorrow we’ll go back to our newly created studio and continue on our masterpieces. It’ll be awesome!

It’s too darn hot


Yep, it’s actually almost too hot to knit so instead I’ve spent a good part of the day in the water. I tried knitting (not in the water obviously) but the stitches stick to the needles in a most unpleasant manner, not to mention my hands getting sweaty from the wool (and then the stitches stick to them too). Or, at least they stick and that makes it harder to knit. Hence, I’ll continue this being in or near water routine that I’ve started today, at least till cooler weather comes and puts and end to it.

Getting better

I can finally show you my bike trip knitting. I figured a shawl would be good knitting for a trip, fairly easy especially since I didn’t get to the lace before I got back home.


It’s Misty Meadow designed by Cindy Garland.


The yarn is Malabrigo Yarn Sock, color Tiziano Red and Velvet Grapes.


I just love how the colors work together. They are the same tone but still contrast each other and work perfect during the most shawl-used seasons – fall and winter. It’s simply a very elegant shawl but then again it’s made for a very elegant woman so that’s perfect.


Since I’ve done another one of these before it was very easy to memorize the lace pattern. I really enjoyed everything about this project. The yarn is wonderful to work with, the colors matched, the needles were a pleasure to hold and everything was ju working out perfectly.


That lace is really clever. I like how it’s different and that it’s made from one side of the shawl to the other making a lace edge.


I didn’t modify the shawl one bit except I made back-loop increases instead of kfb (knit in front and back) increases to try to make the upper edge stretchy enough. I really was trying not to get a shawlette this time.


The shawl hanged graciously on a rope at the playground during the entire time I was photographing it and just by the time I was done the wind caught it and it fell on the gravel. It even lied on the ground graciously.

The best part of it all though?


It’s bigger than my first Misty Meadow! That means that my goal to stop making shawlettes is one step closer.

Baby inspiration


I woke up this morning with a wryneck. Not comfortable at all,

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I can tell you. Something had to be done to warm my neck and upper back. Luckily I’m a knitter so I have plenty of shawls to wrap around me. It’s 25 degrees Celsius (77 degrees Fahrenheit) outside so I must be the only one sporting wool today. I liked it though. Especially when I got to meet a nine days old little baby that I could partly wrap in my woolen shawl as I got to hold him when we were in the park. He was very sweet and almost completely avoided throwing up on my shawl and I think that was very classy of him. We are now fully introduced, the little guy and his aunt Ina, and I got inspired to look into my left-over cotton yarn. Now I’ve picked out pretty colors and picked up Aunt Nina’s size 3 mm needles and we’ll se what we’ll end up with.

Interesting in forever


I have cast on a new project. Pink and white in a silk alpaca blend. The yarn is lovely and the structure of the knitting is interesting and fun. Also, the combination of colors is simply irresistible, it’s so sweet that I could eat it. Everything is right. There is just so many stitches! And, me being tall means that I need to add many centimeters to the lenght of both the body and the sleeves. Ah, the sleeves. When I knit I often wonder why people never comment on what must be my morbidly long arms. Or maybe it’s not my arms that are weirdly long and instead it’s the fashion industry who doesn’t understand that a few centimeters of fabric around your wrists can really mean a lot for your body heat when it’s minus 20 degrees Celsius (4 degrees Farenheit) outside. (Thank goodness I’m a knitter and that I really like making wrist warmers ’cause I sure need them).

So yeah, it’s a great piece of knitting (and so far a great pattern too), it will just take forever and there are not many things that keep being interesting in forever. We’ll se how it goes.

Summer surprise

When I finished the Fairy Web shawl a few months ago I still had some yarn left and I hadn’t gotten knitting lace in that yarn out of my system. I knew I didn’t want a lace shawl for myself in that yarn but I also knew I wanted to knit one. What to do? Not many of my friends are so in love with the color pink (weird!) that they would want a lace shawl in it but my urge couldn’t be reasoned with. Then it hit me, I do have one friend who likes pink and whose fashion style can sport a lace shawl. Excellent! And off I went to find a pattern that worked with the amount of yarn I had left.

Forest_Beauty-6This is what I came up with.

Forest_Beauty-3It’s Forest Beauty by Tetiana Otruta.

Forest_Beauty-8It’s actually more of a scarf than a shawl really but either way it’s very pretty.

Forest_Beauty-1The lace part was kind of hard to memorize and I had to use the pattern frequently.

Forest_Beauty-10The yarn is DROPS Lace from Garnstudio, color 3112 Powder Pink. I’m quite happy with it.

Forest_Beauty-4The shawl is really light and delicate, really romantic, a perfect summer shawl. Perhaps something to cover your shoulders with during a church wedding ceremony or to dress up an otherwise ordinary but comfortable outfit for a summer party. Or just something to feel pretty in whenever you want.

My friend will have a baby in a few weeks time and I took the opportunity to add a matching baby cardigan to the package.IMG_0759This is lila[c]loud by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne knit in Malabrigo Yarn Lace, color 17 Pink frost.

She has no idea there are knitted goods in the mail for her and I really hope she will enjoy this little summer surprise.