Easy come, easy go

First day of summer vacation wasn’t what I expected really. Although, I gained a lot of grown-up points, which was pretty nice but made me quite tired. So tired in fact that I almost lost all my newly scored points.

When I came back to town after giving my aunt a ride home, she lives in a town 60 km (37 miles) from here, I only had about an hour to prepare for the movie night I was going to. I was going to make a new batch of Chocolate and Caramel Slices where the dough needs to be in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. Since the dough makes enough cookies for two baking sheets I decided, and here there is some more grown-up points, to only bake half the dough, enough for one baking sheet and enough to bring to movie night, and leave the rest of the dough in the fridge to finish today.


For some reason though, and here is where is gets ugly, I blame the tiredness, when I was taking out the baking sheet from the cupboard, I droped it. I droped it, corner first, right on my middle toe. It hurt terribly! And the humiliation, is there a more ridiculous place to hurt yourself? It hurts so much but it’s totally ridiculous. That cost me some grown-up points. To make it worse though, is that I didn’t have any ice to put in a towel on the toe so instead I finished my baking while shuffling aorund the kitchen with a package of frozen corn over my foot. There went all my grown-up points. And I got a dark purple toe. Yay me.

I got to movie night almost in time though and I brought a jar full of very tasty cookies. And a dark purple toe.

Today my toe is still dark purple, the rest of the toes seem to becoming blue out of sympathy too, but it doesn’t hurt as much. I baked the rest of the dough, without droping any baking sheets and now I’m curled up in my armchair with my knitting.


Tomorrow will be a busy day, preparing for a bike trip. Pictures from the road will be posted on the blog so stay tuned!