Midsummer Eve

Today is Midsummer Eve in Sweden. That is supposedly the most magic, mysterious and romantic night of the year. This year it also happen to be on the same day as summer solstice, the longest day of the year and in Sweden, that says a lot. In the summer, the nights never get completely dark, the sky only turns into a little darker shade of greyish blue.


The traditions are many on this day and I recommend you to read the wikipedia page on Swedish Midsummer celebrations. This year I’ve spent a wonderful summer day with friends. We took the boat to their place and had a traditional Midsummer lunch. Then we all went to the community celebration where we unfortunately missed the dancing around the maypole but we had a great time anyway. We swinged (I love swinging!) and went back home to barbecue before we took the boat back to Stockholm.


As I said, Midsummer Eve is the most magic night of the year. On Midsummer you should pick seven different sorts of flowers (actually, should also climb over seven field fences in absolute silence but that’s considered supplementary studies since we don’t have that many field fences anymore and most people live in town) and put them under your pillow in hope to dream of your future spouse.


Me, I took the opportunity to start a mystery knit along. It’s called The summer of… MKAL and is designed by Cindy Garland, and knit in a light green and a light pink.

Please note that it was 9:30 pm when the picture below was taken. (Caution! Spoiler alert further down!)


The good thing with picking colors that you really like is that you probably already have clothes in the same colors so you can match your own knitting. Not that that’s important to do, I just found it funny that I was wearing a dress in almost the exact same colors as this shawl.

Now Clue 1 is done and I can’t wait for next Friday when the next one comes.

I really do love my color choice, it’s very me and it’s very much summer..

Happy Midsummer everyone, I hope you had a good one!