The difference of a millimeter

See, I told you I would swatch for my next shawl! Tomorrow starts a new Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) and I want to be prepared. Especially since my pollen allergics is quite bad right now and this is the only green I dare to go near.

The only problem is, I simpy cannot get gauge! The designer must be knitting extremely loosly since she can get 10 cm on 16 sts and 24 rows. On my first try, on 4 mm needles as the pattern calls for, I only got 6 cm on 16 sts.image

On my next try, I used 5 mm needles and got about 7,5 cm on 16 sts. Also, I found the knitting looking sloppy and untidy, the needles are too big.image

Sure enough, I haven’t blocked the swatches but I’m stillĀ a bit concerned. To solve the problem, I will simply have to knit a few rows longer and at the same time increase a few stitches to make it a bit bigger. I also need to try to avoid making the edges too tight and then I should be all right. What’s the worst that could happen, that I end up with another shawlette? That doesn’t seem so bad.