Sunday visits

I’ve had a domestic day. I’ve done laundry and vacuumed the apartment. I’ve also made some cookies.


These are Chocolate and caramel slices.

The recipe calls for some icing but I didn’t have the time so I put decorative sugar on them instead.
wpid-DSC_0584.jpg wpid-DSC_0585.jpg

When I was a kid my mum let me “paint the buns” whenever she was making cinnamon buns. It’s still just as fun to brush cookies and buns with whisked eggs and then sprinkle sugar on them. And the result, wonderful.


So why all this? Well, I’ve had some special guests visiting today.


Shrimp! And Shrimp’s mother Emelie! We had a lovely time together, me and Emelie having tea and cookies and Shrimp having fruit purée. It’s been over six months since Shrimp visited the last time, then only three weeks old. Now, almost eight months and happy as a clam during the entire visit. Shrimp has the most contagious smile I’ve ever seen and it’s completely impossible to be sad in Shrimp’s presence. Before Shrimp was born me and Emelie made a deal that I would

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teach her, Emelie, to knit if I could use Shrimp as a model for my baby knits. It’s been great! It’s also perfect for finding out whether a sweater intended for a six months old baby actually fits a six months old baby.

I hope you’ll come back soon, Shrimp and Emelie!