A change of plans

Everything is a mess here. It started yesterday with me being weak and abandoning the plan to finish my spring knitting before I start my summer knitting. I was sick of the yarn behaving badly and how I had to look at the chart all the time. It just made me mad and I realized that was helping nobody so I cast on something new.

This is exciting even though I’m a bit sceptical towards the pattern and have so far already modified it a bit. We’ll see where I end up. Hopefullt with a baby sweater.

Then things got worse. Remember this?

This sock, together with it’s partner, was supposed to be for a baby who was born in early April. Today I found out that the person who was responsible for sending them to the newborn baby (or actually the baby’s parents since a two weeks old baby can’t open an envelope by him/herself) forgot to do so and even though the socks might still fit (though I doubt it, I believe anything when it comes to newborns growing) it’s June and no baby should have to wear wool socks. That could be straight up cruel (or super nice if it happened to be a very cold summer (last summer, wool socks would have been perfect) but I’m not going to count on that).

There are plenty of other babies coming around soon, so it’s not a problem of what to do with the baby socks but this little problem gives me a week to come up with something else (and by that I mean knit something else). It has to be something small since I also have my lace to think about and this week will be busy as it is without having to knit a baby sweater in five days. It also has to be something not too warm so wool is kind of out of the question. I’ve decided on a little baby bonnet. That should be fast enough.

Now, it just so happens that my yarn stash consist almost exclusively of wool. No cotton in sight. Instead I have ransacked my mother’s yarn stash and found a plastic bag with some leftover light fingering cotton (or so it seams, there is no ball band in sight) in white and a lovely springy turquoise blue.

Now, I have this on my needles and

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not that I want to jinx it in anyway but I’m pretty sure I can finish before Midsummer, next Friday. Baby bonnet, here I come!