A way of celebrating


One of my favourite writers is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She writes knitting humour and she’s simply great. I’ve read almost all her books and I know a new one is not far away. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee also writes the popular blog yarnharlot and she inspired me to start my own blog. She has taught me a lot about knitting and through her blog has introduced me to a lot of new yarns and knitting techniques. She has also taught me to not be ashamed of my stash.

Today is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s birthday and due to some difficult things she has cancelled her birthday. She only wishes that her blog readers and fans donate to the Friends for Life Bike Rally, which she will enter at the end of July. It’s a bike rally from Toronto to Montreal, 660 km, in six days and the money goes to the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA). Each participant need to raise 50 000 Canadian dollars in order to participate. So I’ve donated to the rally and now I just hope that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will have a great birthday despite the difficulties and that she raises enough money to be able to participate and manage to go through the rally without bad weather or too much pain.